Andre Barbieri

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New Coach!

Great news: We have the pleasure of announcing my new Coach, Jack Bianchi, to our dear friends ( He's got lots of experiences in the triathlon world, personal and with athletes (including challenged ones). I felt right at home when I met him, just a great, solid and humble guy with lots to teach. Things are kicking in the right gear... Welcome to the Team Coach Jack! Coach Jack! Photo by Michael Simpson


This week we had the opportunity of being in a tv show called Joy In My Town, sharing the word about PossAbilities and how amazing them and Loma Linda University are. It's going live on TBN, I'll get the showtimes back to you guys soon. We had JJ (already a rockstar!) and his mom Laura Miller, my dear "Godmother" Cotie Williams and myself. Thanks for the opportunity PossAbilities, Keturah Reed (from the Media Dept) and TBN! With our hostess Reba Toney

Running Research with Loma Linda University

I had the pleasure of fine tuning my running as I was helping students of Loma Linda University on a research project. They were testing (by timing) my performance with the running leg (the "blade") in different positions: neutral, dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion. I'm running a little better now thanks to their help and also Michael Davidson's, who was supervising the whole thing. Thank you guys:) Michael Davidson and I

Motion Unlimited

I'd like to shine a light on Motion Unlimited, one of my sponsors. A couple of years ago I was dealing with plantar fasciitis, my worst nightmare back then. It dragged for over 2 years, took me out of my jobs and kept me away from surfing and sports for over a year, almost erasing my motivation. By word of mouth my brother and I heard of Isaac Osborne. I started working with him and his exercises were one of the...

Tri Santa Cruz

Fellows! I'm here today to tell yet another story of a successful triathlon, this one in the beautiful city of Santa Cruz. It's a really scenic course and very organized event. There were 3 other challenged athletes besides me, each one missing one of their arms. We talked like we've known each other... It's an amputee thing I learned! The water was as cold as expected and after a great swim, there was a long way "crutching" to transition, that...

Cycling Research at Loma Linda University

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to participate on a research with some students of Orthotics and Prosthetics from Loma Linda University. It was part of a cycling project where they had challenged athletes and also able bodied people, including Pedro Payne. I'm still waiting for the final specifics but basically it was proved that I use only 20% of power on my prosthetic side and the other 80% is all powered by my able leg. Good news...

Heeluxe Lab Helping my Running

Here we have a video of my running at Heeluxe lab under the watchful eye of Dr Geoff Gray. This was a lot of fun and very helpful, we're talking high tech stuff like you wouldn't believe! I have known Dr Gray since before I had my accident. He helped me a lot when I had this nasty injury called Plantar Fasciitis -- dark times in my life, when I had a sequence of injuries that dragged for nearly 3...

Surfing Hawaii

This is from January 2012, an action packed movie filmed by Matty Schweitzer. We were lucky to be in Hawaii for a wedding during some epic days of surf, which I got to be a part of! Unfortunately, none of my waves made the cut for the movie but you can see my "board caddy" Karina and I in it. by DoomaPhotos


This was in October 2012, during the Million Dollar Challenge, a 620 miles, 7-day cycling event that goes from SF-SD. I was invited to tell my story and ride with the group from Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara (124 miles). The first 2 minutes of the presentation are missing, it was just my introduction. Thank you CAF for the opportunity; thanks also to Team PossAbilities, Backyard Bowls and Motion Unlimited. Video by Karina Peil.