Alfonso Garibay

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Staying strong

Nutrition is key to being healthy and performing at top level, the work is non stop complete and wholesome nutrition, hard work in training, rest, hydration, mindset, and support are key to athletic success.  

Working out while enjoying the view

The work continues the goal is to go the Paralympics so the work does not stop. Whether I am at home training indoors on the smart trainer, home gym, outdoor ride, or outdoor wheelchair workout climbing hills life rolls on and the work don't stop.

Cross Training

I am always looking for different ways to stay in shape one of my favorites is climbing Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside, California on my wheelchair it is two to three miles of nothing but climbing. The workout is great and the view at the top is beautiful.

Racing during a pandemic

With all live events canceled I have been using Zwift a racing video game that is connected to the Internet Zwift can be used for either real competitive racing, your own personal training, or just for fun. Connected to a smart trainer and with correct parameters such as weight and properly calibrated it can simulate actual racing and riding. Thousands of cyclists around the world mostly non disabled are online at any given time. I use Zwift to race...

Night Riding

With the summer in full swing it is nice to catch that evening cooldown and take a late ride to watch that sunset while making those gainz. Today I rode upper Santa Ana River Trail bike path and finished with a nice Mt. Rubidoux climb on my handcycle  one of my favorites.

Garage workouts and bike rides

With the gyms closed we need to get creative, training indoors and using what we have adapting is the way to continue to stay in shape.  I am used to having the use of a full commercial gym. But with the current situation I continue to adapt and train in my home gym, garage, back yard or outdoors to try to keep it fresh. I continue to train 6 days a week bike and strength and conditioning.

PossAbilities Para Cycling Group Ride

Had a solid 38 mile ride with fellow paracyclists today. During this time of staying at home as much as possible due to Covid-19 and doing mostly indoor training on my rollers it was nice to get out and ride and enjoy the sun.

Staying ready

Even though all events are canceled due to Covid-19. I continue to train 6 days a week.  As many of my fellow athletes know what makes the difference at any race is the training behind closed doors, out on the trails, or gyms that most people do not see. I have added the use of Zwift which is an online virtual racing game that uses real cycling parameters, such as power, cadence, and heart rate if you have it...

Stay at home gainz

I hope you all have been safe and keeping your mind, body, and soul healthy. As for myself its been difficult to see myself again this year in a situation where the races that I was most looking forward too and training very hard for will not happen. But thanks to God, here at home healthy taking it one day at a time. Still training, in spite of COVID-19 causing closures of most business and gyms. Everyone is being...

Alfonso Hits National Standard at Valley Of The Sun Individual Time Trial

The Relentless pursuit continues. Valley of the Sun Stage Race 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona February14th thru 16th is the first stage race of the year consisting of a time trial, road race, and critirium. It is a good race to test yourself for the race season and prepare mentally and physically for racing to get into full swing and see what adjustments need to be made. National Standard for Team USA this year for Male H-3 is 23.616mph I...