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Heeluxe Lab Helping my Running

Here we have a video of my running at Heeluxe lab under the watchful eye of Dr Geoff Gray. This was a lot of fun and very helpful, we're talking high tech stuff like you wouldn't believe!I have known Dr Gray since before I had my accident. He helped me a lot when I had this nasty injury called Plantar Fasciitis -- dark times in my life, when I had a sequence of injuries that dragged for nearly...

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Surfing Hawaii

This is from January 2012, an action packed movie filmed by Matty Schweitzer. We were lucky to be in Hawaii for a wedding during some epic days of surf, which I got to be a part of! Unfortunately, none of my waves made the cut for the movie but you can see my "board caddy" Karina and I in DoomaPhotos

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This was in October 2012, during the Million Dollar Challenge, a 620 miles, 7-day cycling event that goes from SF-SD. I was invited to tell my story and ride with the group from Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara (124 miles). The first 2 minutes of the presentation are missing, it was just my introduction. Thank you CAF for the opportunity; thanks also to Team PossAbilities, Backyard Bowls and Motion Unlimited. Video by Karina Peil.

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P o s i t i v i d a d e

This movie was a film school project collaboration with Mariana Campos ( in early 2012. It turned out pretty cool! 

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PossAbilities Triathlon: My first Win!

Hello dear readers,The 11th Annual PossAbilities Triathlon was a total success! My running went pretty well, specially because the terrain was mostly flat, and I nailed my first win in my category!!! 1hour and 20min was my total time, that also gave me an overall placing of 179th. There was a great turnout at the event: over 1000 athletes from what I heard, a lot of spectators as well, your great Loma Linda weather, awesome organization by PossAbilities for an...

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First TRI out of the way!

Hey there, here I am already training for the 11th Annual PossAbilities Triathlon , coming up on April 28th! Kendra's Race went well, I finished in 2 hours. Swimming and cycling went smooth and running was a struggle, it killed my timing! Trail running with steep hills, ouch! Beautiful scenery, but tough for me. I'll have to keep training... It's pretty cool training for an event, you train with a purpose. You set mini goals that you have to achieve each...

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Kendra’s Race: Finishing is winning

Hello my dear readers, Five kilometers on Catalina Island, roughly 3 miles. Wish it would be easier but I'm just getting used to that leg, and running those steep hills with even 2 legs would be hard! But it's done, out of the way! Happy 2 year anniversary for me:) Next event I'm eyeing is here in my adopted hometown of Santa Barbara, Kendra's Race, the UCSB Tri on Saturday March 30. It's a benchmark for me because it will be...

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Catalina Marathon

Alright, here we go again, on to our next adventure! This one might look easy but it's a great challenge for me... I'm running 5km on the Catalina Marathon! This one was Karina's idea, to celebrate her 30th Birthday, AND the 2-year-Anniversary for my accident! It feels great to be alive, I'll tell you that much:) The Running Leg, known as The Blade, has been a tough one to get used to, but in time, I'm growing more confident and getting...

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Palm Springs: check!

On Friday Feb 8th we drove to the desert, excited. From the car it looked fun, super windy, rainy with very low levels of snow -right next to the road, not your typical SoCal day! If we had the event that day it would have been miserable...BUT, the cycling gods decided to grant us a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning with (somewhat) moderate winds - just perfect for cycling! And cycling we did, even our Team Manager Pedro Payne rode...

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The Tour de Palm Springs

Alright! Next weekend, on March 9th we kickstart our year with a 55 mile cycling day around Palm Springs! Team PossAbilities will be well represented, so I'm looking forward to put in those miles! In the picture you can see our good friend Master Mihn creating and fine tuning my cycling leg. Although that thing is a beauty, Mihn didn't like it because "it doesn't match the bike colors!" True, but I'll tell you also that it gets a lot...

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