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Like Equipment An Athletes Body Needs Maintenance

No matter the athlete or how healthy you live your life you will need medical maintenance on your body in some type of way. You will also need more than a doctor, you need a support team behind you to get you through it. This team has many roles from moral support, nutritional assistance, travel assistance, equipment maintenance and the list goes on and on. One of the biggest things us athletes try to avoid is the need [...]

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Traveling by Plane to Races in a Wheelchair

Traveling by plane to bike races in a wheelchair is definitely not an easy task in itself. Throw a 90 pound bike box in the mix and it’s almost impossible to do by myself. I did say almost. I have learned tricks throughout my travels as a Team PossAbilities athlete to get by without help. These tricks are not easy, nor are they fun but I will do what I have to do to get to race. The first [...]

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Season Beginnings End

The start of a new season is always exciting. For me it’s the thrill of getting back to racing in a group of cyclists within inches of one another. This is what I enjoy the most about racing. At the start of a new season that excitement begins to brew and with that excitement for many including me comes a bit of anxiety. Going into a new season is a little daunting from certain aspects. Cyclists need to work [...]

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Paracycling National Championships, Augusta Georgia – Road Race

The National Championships in Augusta Georgia began with a roller coaster like road race course that took place on Fort Gordon army base. Fort Gordon was established in 1941 and now specializes in cyber security and warfare. In the Vietnam era Fort Gordon was used for Army airborne infantry. I couldn’t help but think my Dad could have been there at one point throughout his time in the Army. My Dad spent a good portion of his four years [...]

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Getting To The National Championships Was A Team Effort

The trip to the National Championships for Team PossAbilities is never easy for anyone. This is my second year traveling with the team and I have learned a lot about travel this year. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and a lot of effort by all of us just to get to the race. This year the race was held in Augusta Georgia towards the beginning of summer so we were all prepared for the heat and intense [...]

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Day 4 of the Redlands Bicycle Classic is always a bitter sweet day as it’s the end of our first big race of the season. I planned to peak at this race opposed to the National Championships as I felt I had a chance to win this race and not Nationals. I was also defending my title from last year which was important to me. That being said in many instances this race was my season, the reason I [...]

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Criterium style racing holds a special place in my heart, especially when it is in my hometown of Redlands California. Non bike racers consider criterium racing the NASCAR of bike racing. This is because we complete many laps and sometimes the courses only have four turns. However, we do often turn right and most courses do have more than four turns. This criterium course in Redlands is most times called the long course and has been ran the same for [...]

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Day two of the Redlands Bicycle Classic consisted of a road race in Yucaipa California. This course I was familiar with. The weather was a perfect 60 degrees and the skies were blue. This race is especially cool because it starts next to an elementary School and all of the kids come out to cheer us on. The course starts with a moderate climb into a flat section across Bryant Street if you are familiar with Yucaipa. The flat section [...]

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This is the race that never happened. The Redlands Bicycle Classic is typically our first big race of the season. Everyone is in their best shape and eager to see where they stand with fellow competitors after the short winter some people call off season. This race shows who has been putting in the work over the winter. I was looking forward to the first race of the year as if there was a pot of gold at the end [...]

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