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Next Stop…2018 Nationals

Hi All, This year the Para-Cycling National Championships will be held in Augusta, Georgia. I’m extra excited and motivated because back when I first started my cycling journey, Augusta was the location where I competed in my first Para-cycling National championship! That said I have  prepared for my reunion with this course like never before. I actually get the truest measure of my growth in cycling because we are racing on the exact course. I would also like to give a shout [...]

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Del’s 2018 RBC!!!

 This years Redlands Bicycle Classic was my Best result ever. I always get super excited April rolls around because this is unfortunately the only chance that my Friends and Family get to see me race. The weather made this  years event shorter than usual. It actually snowed in Big Bear where the Time Trial was scheduled to be contested. Luckily after an anxious night of planning to ride in frigid temperatures, we received an early morning cancellation due to weather. The [...]

Del’s 2018 Valley of the Sun Race

Valley of the Sun Stage Race Hi All, I along with many other teammates recently got an awesome opportunity to visit the great state of Arizona, Phoenix to be exact to compete in a professional bike race! The Valley of the Sun stage race consisted of three different stages: Stage One was a 9.9mile TT (time trial) in which I impressed myself by averaging a season high 16.6 mph average speed, which was good enough to net me a 4th place finish I [...]

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Del’s 2015 Update

Hi all, I apologize that it’s been a while since my last post. So much has happened since then. The most important news is that PossAbilities has partnered with Quest Diagnostics. I’m looking forward to working alongside this great group of people to help the PossAbilities program thrive for years to come. I’m very pleased to announce that I finished the course at the Para-Cycling National Championship course in Madison, Wisconsin 10 minutes faster than in 2013. I actually surprised myself. [...]

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Nationals 2013

Nationals 2013 Hi All Team PossAbilities Para Cyclists are back with some very good news to report. As some of you know we just got back from Madison Wisconsin. When I say we I am referring to Cotie, Pedro, Owen and I. Madison was the venue for The Para cycling national championship. Madison was amazing place from the people to the weather and all the fun things you can do there. Our hotel was smack dab in the middle of the University [...]

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Del’s 2013 Para-Cycling Season Update

Hi All, I apologize it’s been awhile since I submitted and update. I have been a little busy. First off I would like to thank my sponsor  PossAbilities for there undying support and implementation of the, “Road to Rio”, program. So far the 2013 Para-Cycling season is going great. I have competed in three races to date. My favorite of course the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Every year I look forward to participating in the Classic  because its pretty much the only time my family [...]

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The Wind!!!

The Wind is a true test of your manhood!!! RBC is going to be Awesome this year…A few surprises!!!

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Today was a beautiful day for some bike riding…Just the right amount of sun and cloud cover. Why cant everyday be like this????

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Rain Song

“Rain, Rain go away your ruing my training day”. No but seriously rain did you forget this is California…and wheelchair wheels and water is not a good mix.

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