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Happy Holidays

These holidays will be a little bit different but my family and are willing to make the best of it. from mine to yours we wish you guys the best hoping that in these unfortunate times we can still find the holiday spirit in our homes to my possabilities team and friends may God bless your homes with happiness love and most importantly health ❤ 🙏

Staying strong

Nutrition is key to being healthy and performing at top level, the work is non stop complete and wholesome nutrition, hard work in training, rest, hydration, mindset, and support are key to athletic success.  


This end of year has definitely been impactful but let me be the one to remind you we all play a big role in the way we see life as it comes to us . So I challenge you to pick your head up and smile as we have a new year to forsee many accomplishments and build new memories that will fill our hearts full of joy and happiness stay strong as these are extraordinary times but we...


Hey hey! A good talking point is the inspiration to train or do something in general. We all know there can always be an excuse to not train. But when you want to reach the highest level of competition, excuses are no good. You have to give your all to deserve to be there. This is something I learned from my triathlon former coach, Jack Bianchi, “I can’t teach you motivation” he said. He could give me all the training...


No matter how different we are in our own ways we deserve the same respect and accountability nobody is physicalky perfect but we are perfect in the way we think disability community goes through their challenges but we also strive in life exceeding our expections staying self motivated to reach our goals , so let's make a difference and be part of changing someone's life just by sharing yours. #TEAMPOSSABILITIES.

Racing during a pandemic

With all live events canceled I have been using Zwift a racing video game that is connected to the Internet Zwift can be used for either real competitive racing, your own personal training, or just for fun. Connected to a smart trainer and with correct parameters such as weight and properly calibrated it can simulate actual racing and riding. Thousands of cyclists around the world mostly non disabled are online at any given time. I use Zwift to race...

Beach Ride

Training days include good beach ride logging in 45 miles building endurance and strength ready for triathlon season to come back.

Garage workouts and bike rides

With the gyms closed we need to get creative, training indoors and using what we have adapting is the way to continue to stay in shape.  I am used to having the use of a full commercial gym. But with the current situation I continue to adapt and train in my home gym, garage, back yard or outdoors to try to keep it fresh. I continue to train 6 days a week bike and strength and conditioning.

Family Training

Train hard love your wife and kids harder share what you love doing with your family and build those memories that will forever live. Me and my mini me

PossAbilities Para Cycling Group Ride

Had a solid 38 mile ride with fellow paracyclists today. During this time of staying at home as much as possible due to Covid-19 and doing mostly indoor training on my rollers it was nice to get out and ride and enjoy the sun.