ParaCycling Track World Championships

This last week I spent at the LA Velodrume with TeamUSA ParaCycling training for ParaCycling Track World Championships that will take place in Milton, Canada from 30 January through 2 February. Training at team camp went well, we had six days of training for our specific events to include having double training sessions most days. The team looks really good and this could be our best all around team we have ever taken to World Championships. I am looking forward...

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Round one- Team USA tryouts

On January 15th I woke up early and began my journey to make it to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to compete with Team USA women's wheelchair basketball team. I drove to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, next stop, Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. I got in late that evening and dropped my sports chair off at the gym and got some good rest before the hectic schedule began.Thursday Morning, January 16th, we woke up at 5am to complete...

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Who am I

It has come to my attention that many reading the PossAbilities blog may not know who I am. So I would like to tell you a little about myself.I am Shawn Morelli a C4 My move into the world of para-cycling was unforeseen. I was in the Army, deployed as an engineer officer in Afghanistan in 2007. When I was seriously injured \and had my life changed. I was left with permanent injuries, blinding my left eye, damaging my neck...

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Starting 2020 Properly

On January, 12th I raced the first race of my season a 20k Time Trial at Fiesta Island in San Diego where I hold for the second consecutive year the Fiesta Island 20k Time Trial Series Championship in Para-Athlete Category. This was not my fastest time at 22.5mph average speed vs 23.8mph I did last October, but a great run considering the following. This time of year the track and weather conditions are not conducive to fast times at...

2020 Goals

Happy to be where I am happy to be who I am and happy to know how I helped people drive their mind set to new ideas and perseverance and their challenges I cant wait to star showcasing the projects along with my races this year always happy to know I am a part of an awesome team possabilities #iamamputee

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As 2020 begins, I can’t help but be excited for all of the opportunities and possibilities that await. My training plan is in place and I’m working with my coaches to execute our plan this year. I’m putting together my racing schedule and am excited about where I know I will be racing this year. It takes a month or two in the beginning of the year for some of the locations of nationals to be...

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How Long Did it Take You?

When I first rode a handcycle, I swore to myself that you’d never see me in “Spandex”. You’ll never see me in a skintight cycling kit. The first event I ever did was in basketball shorts and a tank top. I wasn’t the Spandex type…just not me. About a year later, I got a cycling top. It was baggy and neon green…for safety purposes only. I’m not one of those cyclists! I’m...

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2019 In Review

2019 was an exciting year for me as a competitive athlete. I had some good results and had some results that I wish could have been better. I know the saying is, “You can’t win them all”, but I sure wish I did. One of the biggest changes for 2019 was a change in the way I trained. It was a major change in a positive direction but it may have been a bit early...

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All the PossAbilities

One of my favorite events of the year with PossAbilities is not a race at all. The Celebration Dinner, which occurs annually around Christmas, brings together families, friends, contributors, employees, and volunteers for a very special night. The first year I attended the Celebration Dinner as a PossAbilities athlete, I did not know what to expect. How big was it? What was the attire? What exactly was going to happen? When I rolled in,...

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Being Grateful

As competitive athletes, as in life, we get caught up in our world of results. If I’m not first, I’m last. Second place is the first loser. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that…How many times I’ve said that to myself. How much pressure I’ve put on myself to not disappoint my sponsors…to not disappoint my team…to not disappoint my family…to not disappoint myself. While I excel under pressure, I have...

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