New Bike

The past year and a half has been challenging. I didn’t get to race at all really due to recovering from a bike accident and a car accident, which both involved vehicles. I’ve been training nonstop in the gym and getting my equipment ready for the new race season. I finally got a handcycle I can call my own and I can’t wait to finally race in it. It’s been through many adjustments and probably needs a few more [...]

2018 – Busiest year of my life in review

Hey guys! What a year… incredible ups, but also strong downs. I’m thankful for all places I’ve been, raced, worked & enjoyed. Think about a year pretty much living out of your suitcase. Still, I had time for my wife, since (most of) my trips were quick strike missions. There were race trips; convention work trips and a lot of overnight Irvine trips (working with Freedom Innovations, testing a state of the art knee they’re developing). Talking about racing, the witches were [...]

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Swimmer’s Blog

Kudos to Pedro, Cotie, Christina and the Loma Linda University Administration for the beautiful and inspirational Celebration Dinner. And Happy 18th Birthday to PossAbilities – over 6900 members and growing. How blessed we all are for the incredible accomplishments of your organization. Thank you.

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Training sesh to starts the season strong


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Swimmer’s Blog

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet (well maybe hail) keeps me from swim practice – yes, in an outdoor pool. 😊 Dedication to be my best.👍

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Fiesta Island Time Trial Champion Alfonso Garibay

I closed out my racing season on Sunday October 14th 2018 by earning the Fiesta Island 20k Individual Time Trial Series Championship in the challenged athletes category which includes cyclist’s that pedal with their legs not just arm powered handcyclist’s like me. The series consisted of 5 races thru out the year. I raced in all of them not an easy thing to do considering other races in and out of the state of California where I live, life commitments, [...]

Swimmer’s Blog

Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I did. And despite all the delicious food, I continued to practice almost every day. It felt great to be in the pool and I miss it when the practices are cancelled.😕 I BIG Thank You for all the people who came to the PossAbilities Sports Luncheon and/or kindly contributed to our cause!!! 🤗 It was a great turnout and I reallly appreciate all the support we athletes received.

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The Quest for 40 Marathons Continues

I had a great time representing PossAbilites at the Long Beach Marathon. This was my 6th straight year competing in this marathon, and I always look forward to going back. This event has always been a great way for me to guage my progress over the years. It’s usually the first event I complete after a summer training period. Every year I have the same goal, improve my finishing time and become more efficient. I’ve been trending in the [...]

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