2019 In Review

2019 was an exciting year for me as a competitive athlete. I had some good results and had some results that I wish could have been better. I know the saying is, “You can’t win them all”, but I sure wish I did. One of the biggest changes for 2019 was a change in the way I trained. It was a major change in a positive direction but it may have been a bit early...

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All the PossAbilities

One of my favorite events of the year with PossAbilities is not a race at all. The Celebration Dinner, which occurs annually around Christmas, brings together families, friends, contributors, employees, and volunteers for a very special night. The first year I attended the Celebration Dinner as a PossAbilities athlete, I did not know what to expect. How big was it? What was the attire? What exactly was going to happen? When I rolled in,...

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Being Grateful

As competitive athletes, as in life, we get caught up in our world of results. If I’m not first, I’m last. Second place is the first loser. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that…How many times I’ve said that to myself. How much pressure I’ve put on myself to not disappoint my sponsors…to not disappoint my team…to not disappoint my family…to not disappoint myself. While I excel under pressure, I have...

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The Guy You Didn’t See Coming

The 2019 St. George Marathon started how most other St. George Marathons do…Pitch black, freezing, and windy. The excitement of the start with the music, athletes, lights, and helicopters circling above with the wind, freezing temperatures, and darkness create this weird but amazing dichotomy. I had made some calls a week before the race to the fast guys who usually race it and, to my surprise, they weren’t coming. Having won it the last 4 times,...

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2019 Tour of America’s Dairyland

The Tour of America’s Dairyland (ToAD) is the largest competitive road cycling series in the U.S. It hosts eleven straight days of racing throughout Southeast Wisconsin. The tour was started in 2009 and extends the legacy of multi-day bike racing that first started in Wisconsin in 1969. Handcyclists race four of the eleven days with the third day being the Criterium National Championship. This year, the racing was as competitive as ever. I was feeling good and...

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I believe that we are all blessed by God with individual and different talents but it is up to us to discover, nurture, appreciate, develop, not squander, and use those talents appropriately. I am very thankful to God for mine.  We all face individual obstacles in our day to day lives, have different setbacks in addition to blessings. We must be thankful and respectful to others.As always work hard, have faith, love, stay blessed,Alfonso

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Back on Track

This week I started back to training full time on the Velodrume after a much needed break. It has been a very productive week thanks to my coach who was able to fly in from the east coast to run a mini camp. So thankful for the support of my coaching team. I am starting to gear up for the Track World Championship Selection Event that will be held 7-9 Dec on the Carson Velodrume.

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Back to what I do

Today I did a 20k Individual Time Trial at Piru. It has been about a month back to training since the health issues that forced me to miss nationals and take two months off. This is my second time trial since the time off. The first one was more of a feeler to see how my body and mind would respond to putting and sustained but not full on race effort. I had no race training for this race....