Law Enforcement Torch Run Speech

The Law Enforcement Torch Run® (LETR) is the largest public awareness vehicle and grass-roots fundraiser for Special Olympics. Known honorably as Guardians of the Flame, law enforcement members and Special Olympics athletes carry the “Flame of Hope” into the Opening Ceremony of local competitions, and into Special Olympics State, Provincial, National, Regional and World Games. Annually, almost 110,000 dedicated and compassionate law enforcement members carry the “Flame of Hope,” symbolizing courage and celebration of diversity uniting communities around the globe.  This past year, I was asked [...]

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Traveling by Plane to Races in a Wheelchair

Traveling by plane to bike races in a wheelchair is definitely not an easy task in itself. Throw a 90 pound bike box in the mix and it’s almost impossible to do by myself. I did say almost. I have learned tricks throughout my travels as a Team PossAbilities athlete to get by without help. These tricks are not easy, nor are they fun but I will do what I have to do to get to race. The first [...]

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Tavian Bryant – 1st Race of the Season -Valley of the Sun Stage Race

For the third straight year I kicked off the race season with the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. The race takes place in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. Leading up to the race I spent time setting goals and thinking about the strategies that would help me perform at a higher level than I did the year before. Last year the conditions were ideal for the entire weekend, which was great. This year we had some wind and [...]

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Tavian Bryant

I always look forward to this time of the year. Off season training is coming to an end, and the season is just a few weeks away. My first race of the season will be the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. The race will consist of three stages: time trial, road race, and a criterium. I’ve spent the last couple weeks analyzing data from last years race and setting new goals for [...]

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Season Beginnings End

The start of a new season is always exciting. For me it’s the thrill of getting back to racing in a group of cyclists within inches of one another. This is what I enjoy the most about racing. At the start of a new season that excitement begins to brew and with that excitement for many including me comes a bit of anxiety. Going into a new season is a little daunting from certain aspects. Cyclists need to work [...]

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Paddlers Blog-2019 Racing

Great start to the new year. 1st place award in my division. A really windy day in San Diego, but my training paid off.

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New Bike

The past year and a half has been challenging. I didn’t get to race at all really due to recovering from a bike accident and a car accident, which both involved vehicles. I’ve been training nonstop in the gym and getting my equipment ready for the new race season. I finally got a handcycle I can call my own and I can’t wait to finally race in it. It’s been through many adjustments and probably needs a few more [...]

2018 – Busiest year of my life in review

Hey guys! What a year… incredible ups, but also strong downs. I’m thankful for all places I’ve been, raced, worked & enjoyed. Think about a year pretty much living out of your suitcase. Still, I had time for my wife, since (most of) my trips were quick strike missions. There were race trips; convention work trips and a lot of overnight Irvine trips (working with Freedom Innovations, testing a state of the art knee they’re developing). Talking about racing, the witches were [...]

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