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Tavian Bryant – Living the Dream

It has been an amazing month. 7 races over a 10 day period in 2 different states. I made my first trip to Wisconsin to race in the Tour of America’s Dairyland. The Tour of America’s Dairyland featured four straight days of racing four criterium courses in four different cities around southeastern Wisconsin. A criterium is a circuit race on a closed course in which we complete several laps over a 30 to 35 minute time period. I really [...]

17th Annual PossAbilities Adult and Kids of all Abilities Triathlon

                I look forward to participating in this beautiful event every year April 28th 2019 was the 17th Annual PossAbilities Triathlon. This was my third year racing in and either winning first or second place in team relay. No matter how hard I am training for my race season whether I am training for PossAbilities Paracycle Race Series at Redlands Bicycle Classic stage race or USA Paracycling Nationals. I always welcome the challenge of working the triathlon into my training [...]

Tavian Bryant – The Journey to 40 and Beyond

This whole journey started about 5 years ago. I had been in a wheelchair for 18 years at this point. I was out of shape and needed to do something about it. I also wanted to get out there and feel myself in the wind as I did before, riding bikes and motorcycles in my youth. I bought a handcycle shortly after my injury, and I rode it from time to time. However, it mostly [...]

Valley Of The Sun Stage Race 2019

Valley of The Sun 2019 stage race results. I earned 3rd place over all in H-3 category, it was and honor and really fun racing with Team USA members, PVA Racing, and everyone else who showed up. Always a great time racing with friends and fellow athletes who are awesome. Team PossAbilities represented well. We started out strong in Stage 1 the Individual Time Trial. I earned 3rd  place against Ryan Pinney who earned 1st. and Brandon Lyons who earned 2nd. Teammate Brett Richards put in a [...]

Looking forward to continued success in 2019

Grateful and honored to have been selected again to be part of Loma Linda University Team PossAbilites as a sponsored athlete. This will be my second year with the team as handcyclist in H-3 category. I had a great 2018 racing season thanks to the support from Team PossAbilites. I would like to give special thanks to Cotie Williams, Pedro Payne, Maria Garcia and my cycling coach Rick Babington. Looking forward to another great year with the team and [...]

Pensacola Cycling Classic 3rd place overall H-3 Alfonso Garibay

Pensacola Cycling Classic on September 14-15 was my last stage race for my racing season. I was  my first time doing Pensacola Cycling Classic stage race and considering the level of competition that showed up to race. I am very pleased with my performance despite having made a few mistakes all the hard work and effort I put into my training kicked in and I performed just as I had trained. Mechanical issues and all. The first race was [...]

Paratriathlon Worlds Finals, Rotterdam – Netherlands September 15th, 2017

Aloha fellow Team PossAbilities supporters and enthusiasts! Today we’re here to report about the Finals in Rotterdam. Everything about that race was tough: the weather, the course, the competitors. It was the same usual suspects, with varying degrees of disability (and unfairness in some cases as we know). After a smooth 10 hour flight from LAX to Amsterdam, I met with Team Brazil in the airport and we drove to Rotterdam. Beautiful 2 hour drive through green fields, a lot of [...]

Disabled athletes should inspire us

Carrie Finale of Pacifica, a member of Team PossAbilities and a competitor in the handcycling competition at this weekend’s Redlands Bicycle Classic. REDLANDS — To those of us with four healthy, functioning limbs, these cycles might look funny or weird at first glance. They’re long, low to the ground, meant for the rider to recline and not sit upright, and can be propelled by the hands just as well as by the feet. Maybe we’re the ones who should take a [...]

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Handcycling becoming a welcome staple of the Classic

Matt McLeod, Redlands Daily Facts Redlands Daily Facts Posted: REDLANDS — It took months for Delmon Dunston to feel human again. The 33-year-old Riverside native will never forget the moment that first changed his life. The date was July 14, 2000, and Dunston was wrestling at a local gym when he shattered his C6 vertebra. It was an injury that would leave him unable to walk ever again. Cooped up inside his house, stuck inside a wheelchair he’d grown to hate, it wasn’t until [...]

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Welcome to the Redlands Bicycle Classic

Posted: On behalf of our “All Volunteer” Redlands Bicycle Classic Board of Trustees and the countless other volunteers and supporters, we are proud to have you join us at the 28th edition of the Redlands Bicycle Classic. We hope you enjoy the four days of action packed fun and competition. Don’t miss our world-class athletes battling it out on the streets of Redlands and Beaumont, or our largest field of handcyclists ever, or our public and amateur races for kids of all ages [...]

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