Shawn Morelli

ParaCycling Track World Championships

This last week I spent at the LA Velodrume with TeamUSA ParaCycling training for ParaCycling Track World Championships that will take place in Milton, Canada from 30 January through 2 February. Training at team camp went well, we had six days of training for our specific events to include having double training sessions most days. The team looks really good and this could be our best all around team we have ever taken to World Championships. I am looking forward...

Who am I

It has come to my attention that many reading the PossAbilities blog may not know who I am. So I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am Shawn Morelli a C4 My move into the world of para-cycling was unforeseen. I was in the Army, deployed as an engineer officer in Afghanistan in 2007. When I was seriously injured \and had my life changed. I was left with permanent injuries, blinding my left eye, damaging my neck...

Back on Track

This week I started back to training full time on the Velodrume after a much needed break. It has been a very productive week thanks to my coach who was able to fly in from the east coast to run a mini camp. So thankful for the support of my coaching team. I am starting to gear up for the Track World Championship Selection Event that will be held 7-9 Dec on the Carson Velodrume.