Tavian Bryant

The Quest for 40 Marathons Continues

I had a great time representing PossAbilites at the Long Beach Marathon. This was my 6th straight year competing in this marathon, and I always look forward to going back. This event has always been a great way for me to guage my progress over the years. It’s usually the first event I complete after a summer training period. Every year I have the same goal, improve my finishing time and become more efficient. I’ve been trending in the [...]

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There’s no off season – Tavian Bryant

There’s no off season. The work never stops. However, the program is a little different this time a year as we add weight training to the routine. The focus at this time is to build the strength to maintain quality race efforts throughout the course of the season and prevent injuries.  My coach is providing challenging workouts that are helping me improve my strength and skills on the bike. I am definitely in the process of making quality improvements [...]

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Tavian Bryant – 2018 Redlands Bicycle Classic

I had a great time at this years Redlands Bicycle Classic. This was my second consecutive year at the classic, and it is an event that I will look forward to attending for years to come. The opportunity to race for four days is something I just can’t pass on. The weather made this  years event very interesting. We were snowed out of the Big Bear time Trial on Wednesday and then we found ourselves in the middle of [...]

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Tavian Bryant – March Madness

March was a busy month. Definitely kept the training rides interesting this month, completing three marathons over three consecutive weekends. I kicked off the month in Nevada climbing 2000ft through Lovell Canyon, the biggest climb I’ve ever completed on a training ride. The following weekend I headed back to LA for my 6th Los Angeles Marathon. LA Marathon is always a highlight of my year as it features a large competitive handcycle field. I always look forward to this [...]

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Valley of the Sun Stage Race – Tavian Bryant

First race of the year was the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. This was the second year in a row that I’ve competed in this event. I was really looking forward to the event this year because I knew it would give me the opportunity to gauge my progress. I was also looking forward to the event this year because it was my first race as a member of TeamPossabilities. It was great to have teammates around and [...]

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