Creating Positive Change

Loma Linda University PossAbilities seeks to provide new direction and hope to people with diverse disabilities. Our program accomplishes this through advocacy, mentoring, providing peer support and resources, and creating opportunities through physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social interaction.

Our program is FREE. We do not charge our members for any of our services and activities. Loma Linda University Medical Center pays for all of the administrative costs to operate the program. This means that EVERY DOLLAR you donate GOES DIRECTLY TO PROVIDING SERVICES FOR OUR MEMBERS! Thanks to the generosity of people like you we are able to provide valuable resources to those we serve. Since 2000, PossAbilities has awarded over $400,000 in grants and scholarships to our members. We hosted or sponsored over 350 different events and activities reaching over 150,000 individuals in our community and across the nation. You can be a part of this mission by supporting us through your donation.


When you CLICK HERE you will be taken to our institution’s donation form. We want to thank you in advance for your generous gift.