Lady Warriors

The Lady Warriors Women’s Wheelchair basketball team is composed of 8 disabled women dedicated to the game of wheelchair basketball and committed to going to the National Championship. Women’s Wheelchair Basketball has been in existence since 1970 and women’s division was created in the N.W.B.A. (National Wheelchair Basketball Association) in 1974. To date, there are 12 Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Teams in the U.S. and the Lady warriors are the only team in Southern California.

This is our third season and we are working hard to reach our potential and accomplish our goal of National Champions. We have a great team and have played in tournaments across the country and look forward to being in the finals in March. Our home gym is located in Pasadena, California and our players live in and around the Los Angeles area. We have played in many exhibition games for schools, hospitals, and expos in an effort to inspire the disabled and non-disabled community and set an example to the newly injured. We believe that playing sports is a way to help build self confidence while bridging the gap to our non-disabled audience by raising disability awareness. PossAblities has been our main sponsor for the past three years, helping us not only with monetary contributions to sustain our tournament play but by being very supportive and mentoring the newly disabled and inspiring the young ladies to become active roll models in their respective communities

Our practice site is at Villa Park located at 363 E Villa St Pasadena, CA 91101
9am-12pm on Saturdays
Contact number is 323 578-1576 or 323 581-3588

Dallas, TX – February 20-23
Denver, CO – Nationals – March 18-22

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