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Like Equipment An Athletes Body Needs Maintenance

No matter the athlete or how healthy you live your life you will need medical maintenance on your body in some type of way. You will also need more than a doctor, you need a support team behind you to get you through it. This team has many roles from moral support, nutritional assistance, travel assistance, equipment maintenance and the list goes on and on. One of the biggest things us athletes try to avoid is the need [...]

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First Ride Back in the Handcycle

It’s been just about two years since I’ve been able to ride/train in a handcycle. As I continue to reach my peak and push boundaries, I’m constantly trying to train in all different areas. I’m beyond grateful to be able to train with some of my teammates. Zimri, Alfonso, and I had a great training ride along the Santa Ana River Trail from San Bernardino to Riverside and back. We even did a bonus climb up Mt. Rubidoux in [...]

Santa Ana River trail

Training is hard work but with the right mind and prespective we can always complete them just right…

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A Very Challenging Year

This year (2017) has been very challenging. It all started with my first out-of-state move halfway across the country. I moved into the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center in January, and became an athlete of the Paracycling Resident Program. I began working with a resident coach at the highest level I have ever trained. The resident program that I was a part of began road cycling training and then a couple months later began track training at the Colorado [...]

My first Piru TT, 11/5/2017! Sometimes it’s a rough road, but you can weather the storm! By Jenna Rollman

Sometimes things don’t always go the way you expect them to, and this particular experience is an example of that. The most important thing however is to learn from the bumps in the road, move Forward and try again!! Here’s a personal story of perseverance and making lemonade out of lemons! ??? Took on a new challenge this Sunday at the Piru TT up in Fillmore, CA! ?? The Piru course is a lot tougher than most of the time [...]