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Fiesta Island Time Trial Champion Alfonso Garibay

I closed out my racing season on Sunday October 14th 2018 by earning the Fiesta Island 20k Individual Time Trial Series Championship in the challenged athletes category which includes cyclist’s that pedal with their legs not just arm powered handcyclist’s like me. The series consisted of 5 races thru out the year. I raced in all of them not an easy thing to do considering other races in and out of the state of California where I live, life commitments, [...]

First Ride Back in the Handcycle

It’s been just about two years since I’ve been able to ride/train in a handcycle. As I continue to reach my peak and push boundaries, I’m constantly trying to train in all different areas. I’m beyond grateful to be able to train with some of my teammates. Zimri, Alfonso, and I had a great training ride along the Santa Ana River Trail from San Bernardino to Riverside and back. We even did a bonus climb up Mt. Rubidoux in [...]

Return Back Home

After a really tough year of recovery from my bicycle accident and car accident in Colorado, I am very happy to announce that I have officially moved back home to California. I’m looking forward to training and volunteering with Team PossAbilities. I can’t wait to race again. Thank you for your support.

Back to back PossAbilities Triathlon and Redlands Bicycle Classic

Thank you to my sponsor PossAbilities at LLUMC for putting on awesome events back to back the 16th Annual Adult And Kids Triathlon and Redlands Bicycle Classic these are two very special events that allow people of all abilities to race for fun and compete. Special shoutout to Cotie Williams and Pedro Payne for working hard on setting up these awesome events back to back. I am very greatful to have been able to compete in both and had [...]

Chair Racing

16th Annual PossAbilities Adult & Kids Triathlon

The 16th Annual PossAbilities Triathlon was my first official race back, after practically a year of recovery. It went a lot better than expected. I had been training day in and day out in the gym for the past few months, but have not been able to train on most of my equipment due to my race chair being in California and the weather in Colorado being too cold or snowing to get on my bike outside. I actually [...]