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Beach Ride

Training days include good beach ride logging in 45 miles building endurance and strength ready for triathlon season to come back.

Nationals qualifying race

Tough race! easy mind set couldn't have done it without my sponsor @teampossabilities and the lord and my family who always gives me the strength when I am weak .

7 mile run

#iamamputee Training harder as I begin my year with the first race of the 2020 year feeling stronger every day

World Paratriathlon Cup Magog – Canada

Greetings fellow readers, this is a great story... it could possibly be my last race as a professional triathlete. I'll still race events for fun, but while getting paid a scholarship from Brazil just to compete, the window is closing where they'll stop paying me, because my category is not in Tokyo 2020. Also because my category is not in, I don't get my travelling and racing fees and hotels paid anymore --gotta pay out of pocket:( I was super excited...

2019 Annual PossAbilities Triathlon – Success!

Hey guys, For this year's PossAbilities triathlon I had the same goal as previous years --to make sure I beat Zimri! We developed this healthy rivalry, even though we're not in the same class. Tell you what, he kept me on my toes this year. For one, I wasn't training full time like before, but still had been going strong. The main fact is that Zim's new coach is a great athlete that I personally know and like, Jamie Brown. I...


Catch me in here 2500 meter swim to start the week on my left foot lol... Training Peaks homework