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Hey guys, I’m following up here on a theme that I wrote about last month.I thought there were so many funny/awkward/humbling moments... so why not share?* Haven’t been to yoga too often, it’s something I want to make part of my routine. Flexibility is as important as strength, sometimes maybe even more. Every time I go to a class, I tell everyone in front of the class that my leg makes some funny sounds, specially at yoga when I’m...

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There's so many nuances that go with wearing a prosthetic, and it can either empower or debilitate a person. It is all up to the user.I had in one of my peer visits a fresh amputee tell me girls would never like him again because of his leg. I told him it would be quite the opposite. That leg would ATTRACT girls! While I had my own uncertainties when I lost my leg, I overcame that. The leg is...

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