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Training progress

Super stocked to see this month of March with alot of consistency on my behalf despite of all the responsibilities I have on my plate as a dad husband athlete and work I feel able to have better time management to improve in logging in my training just the other day my coach said he has been seeing progress. With that said it gives me motivation to keep pushing harder i can't wait for us to get back to a stable...


Today we look back at all the ups and downs we been through as an athlete, and thank God for blessing us so much .although time management has been a struggle for me and my family we have still managed to live life take care of the things at home and focus on my training lately some of my biggest challenges have been keeping my Stump healthy to run and bike the necessary to be strong in my...

Mind of an athlete

We begin 2021 in the right lane with new goals and a greater mindset to pursue all those things we came out short in 2020 let's focus on the bigger picture work hard train harder. Currently my Goal is to continue to get stronger in my discipline with the help of my coach Jamie Brown we have been able to focus on tweeking my training regimen along with adjustments on equipment, to get better results during training and definitely at...


No matter how different we are in our own ways we deserve the same respect and accountability nobody is physicalky perfect but we are perfect in the way we think disability community goes through their challenges but we also strive in life exceeding our expections staying self motivated to reach our goals , so let's make a difference and be part of changing someone's life just by sharing yours. #TEAMPOSSABILITIES.

Beach Ride

Training days include good beach ride logging in 45 miles building endurance and strength ready for triathlon season to come back.

Family Training

Train hard love your wife and kids harder share what you love doing with your family and build those memories that will forever live. Me and my mini me

Quarantine life

No matter what our current situation is while fighting this virus and being safe I still manage to make the best out of life and continue to do what I love and be consistent... and that's what sets us apart from going the extra mile to reach your goals....#iamamputee #teampossabilities. TRILIFE

7 mile run

#iamamputee Training harder as I begin my year with the first race of the 2020 year feeling stronger every day