Palm Springs: check!

Palm Springs: check!


On Friday Feb 8th we drove to the desert, excited. From the car it looked fun, super windy, rainy with very low levels of snow -right next to the road, not your typical SoCal day! If we had the event that day it would have been miserable…

BUT, the cycling gods decided to grant us a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning with (somewhat) moderate winds – just perfect for cycling! And cycling we did, even our Team Manager Pedro Payne rode with us. I completed 55 miles in 4 hours, with 3 stops. At one point, alone with my thoughts on this crazy desert landscape, I just realized, like I’ve done quite a few times in the last 2 years, I would never be doing this if I hadn’t lost my leg! So many good things have happened since I had the accident, it feels like a blessing from God! Keep them coming!!

Thank you Team PossAbilities for the amazing opportunity. Thank you also for the city of Palm Springs, to put on a great event. And thank you for my faithful readers!