Advisory Council

PossAbilities Advisory Council


In 2011, PossAbilities established an advisory council comprised of 14 individuals from our local community with various professional and social backgrounds. While the PossAbilities Advisory Council does NOT function in the capacity of an Executive Board, this council helps set the vision and direction of our program. It meets on a quarterly basis to help set the vision and general direction of the program. The advisory council currently has one standing subcommittee – the Grants/Scholarship Subcommittee. This standing subcommittee meets as needed in addition to the four quarterly meetings of the larger advisory council. Members of our PossAbilities Advisory Council are:

  • Dr. Murray Brandstater – LLUH
  • Dr. Garry Fitzgerald – LLUH
  • Lyndon Edwards, SVP LLUH
  • Jonathan Jean-Marie, VP LLUH
  • Maria Arteaga – Community
  • Catherine Pepe – Community
  • Shirley Arrington – Member
  • Delmon Dunston – Member
  • Nikki Gaitan – LLUH
  • Michael Davidson – LLUH
  • Tina Schumacher – Member
  • Jillian Payne – LLUH
  • Dr. Thaddeus Wilson – LLUH
  • Alicia Garcia – Member
  • Shaina Burns – LLUH
  • Cotie Williams – Staff
  • Christina Nieto – Staff
  • Dr. Pedro R. Payne – Staff


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