Advisory Council

The PossAbilities Advisory Council is comprised of individuals from our local community with various professional and social backgrounds. While the PossAbilities Advisory Council does not function in the capacity of an Executive Board, this council helps set the vision and direction of our program. It meets on a quarterly basis to discuss a strategic plan to ensure the program is meeting the needs of our community. The advisory council has one standing subcommittee which is the Grant and Scholarship Committee. This standing subcommittee meets on an annual basis to assess the applicants and makes grant and scholarship award determinations. The members of the PossAbilities Advisory Council are:


Lyndon Edwards, Senior Vice President, LOMA LUNDA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER- Adult Services
Garry Fitzgerlard, M.D., Friend & Supporter of PosAsbilities
Dr. Thaddeus Wilson, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Loma Linda University Health
Nikki Gaitan, Development Officer, Loma Linda University Office of Philanthropy
Dr. Murray Brandstater
David Dai, Executive Director of Rehabilitation, Loma Linda University Health
Cotie Williams, Director Community Development & Outreach, Loma Linda University Health
Christina Nieto, Program Assistant Community Development & Outreach, Loma Linda University Health
Michael Davidson, Manager Orthotics & Prosthetics Department, Loma Linda University Health

Jordan The, Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Loma Linda University Health
Maria Garcia, BSBA, Director Property Management, Loma Linda University Health