2018 Annual Report

Welcome to our 2018 PossAbilities Annual Report. The purpose of this annual report is to detail the scope of the PossAbilities program and to educate the reader about the positive impact the program has on our local community. The LLU Health PossAbilities was originally developed in 2000 in response to the need for the continuum of care for our patients and their families after a lengthy hospital stay or a traumatic accident.

Through feedback and direction from health care professionals and community members the program quickly evolved into an all-inclusive program for the disabled. As the program and its mission continued to grow PossAbilities has gained the support of administrators, faculty, staff, students, the surrounding community, the President of the United States as well as local and state government officials.

PossAbilities programming is extensive and diverse. Each year PossAbilities hosts over 35 events and activities and exposes the LLU Health brand to an estimated 30,000 individuals at the national, regional, and local level. The program is unique in its scope and nature given that it is the only program of its kind to combine recreational and competitive sports, peer support, grants and scholarships, women’s activities, kid’s activities, support groups for various disabilities, prayer ministry, educational opportunities, and community outreach. You can view an electronic copy of the annual report by clicking on the image below.