Calendar of Events

PossAbilities provides activities and opportunities for interaction between the disabled and able-bodied community in order to provide support to the disabled members of our community and reduce the barriers that exist in an able-bodied world. This is accomplished through physical, emotional, social, educational, and spiritual interaction with our members and the community. To get the most out of your PossAbilities membership we encourage you to participate in one or more of the activities listed below.


1/24                        Arts & Crafts Workshop – noon

1/25                        Arts & Crafts Workshop – 5:30 p.m.

2/1                          Loma Linda Champions Opening Season

2/7                          Rim Special Athletes adaptive sledding

3/1                           Xtreme Team Opening Season

3/13                        Emergency Preparedness

4/4                          Children’s Hospital Gala

4/24                        Arts & Crafts Workshop – noon

4/25                        Arts & Crafts Workshop – 5:30 p.m.

5/3                          REV Club PossAbilities Prom

5/8                          LLUCH Children’s Day

6/1                          Grant and Scholarship application is open

6/12                        Emergency Preparedness

7/7                           PossAbilities Para-cycling Qualifier

7/24                        Arts & Crafts Workshop – noon

7/25                        Arts & Crafts Workshop – 5:30 p.m.

8/4-8/25               Drayson SwimAbilities Program (Sundays)

9/11                        Emergency Preparedness

9/15                        Kid’s Pool Party

9/28-10/12           Paris Paralympics

10/23                      Arts & Crafts Workshop – noon

10/24                      Arts & Crafts Workshop – 5:30 p.m.

10/29                      Pumpkin Contest

11/10                       Women & Caregiver Luncheon

11/25                       Turkey Pick Up

12/8                        Celebration Dinner

12/15                       Children’s Christmas Party

12/17-19                  It’s a Wrap


Ongoing recurring activities

Stretching & Exercise Classes (Every Monday)

Pediatric Brain & Spine Tumor (1st Monday)

Outpatient Meet & Greet (1st Monday)

Total Spine Health Support Group (2nd Monday)

Head Injury & Trauma Spinal Support Group (4th Monday)

Laryngectomee Support Group (1st and 3rd Tuesday)

Stroke Support/Aneurysm Support Group (3rd Tuesday)

Laugh Track social (1st Wednesday)

Angeles Especiales support group (2nd Wednesday)

Monthly Mixer (3rd Wednesday)

Sickle Cell Education Series (2nd Thursday)

Pediatric GI Support Group (varies)