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Back on Track

This week I started back to training full time on the Velodrume after a much needed break. It has been a very productive week thanks to my coach who was able to fly in from the east coast to run a mini camp. So thankful for the support of my coaching team. I am starting to gear up for the Track World Championship Selection Event that will be held 7-9 Dec on the Carson Velodrume.

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Today I went over National Standard for my class H-3 23.8mph

Today I raced at Fiesta Island 20k Individual Time Trial. I was able to best my previous personal best and go over National Standard average for a 20k Time Trial with a time 31:20 today and 23.8mph average speed. I also got to retain my Fiesta Island ITT Series Championship for 2019. I dedicated this race to breast cancer survivors and those who are fighting it. Thanks to my sponsor Loma Linda University Team PossAbilities I have the equipment...

I Enjoy This Season as Well

I enjoy this time of the year. I won’t call it an off-season because the work never stops, but my next race is months away. There’s nothing like being in the midst of race season, but I like this season as well because I can work in a bunch of low intensity endurance rides. Once the season ended I was able to put together a string of training rides that resulted in my longest single day ride, the...

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Back to what I do

Today I did a 20k Individual Time Trial at Piru. It has been about a month back to training since the health issues that forced me to miss nationals and take two months off. This is my second time trial since the time off. The first one was more of a feeler to see how my body and mind would respond to putting and sustained but not full on race effort. I had no race training for this race....

Feeling better thanks to God

After three months since my last race and two months off from any serious or consistant training due to health issues. Thanks to God I was able to race yesterday at Piru 20k ITT. I did not beat my fastest time of 34:28 but got a 3rd personal best time of 35:37. My new handcycle ran great thanks to my sponsor PossAbilities at LLUMC I have the new CarbonBike. Teammate Brett Richards had a great personal best time of...

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Recovery has taken longer than I expected. It has been a very difficult and depressing couple of months from having to miss Nationals and other races, seeing my race conditioning and all around fitness diminish due to focusing on recovery and doing very little to anything else, finding out my younger sister has cancer and is now in chemo therapy, and other health issues with family members.  But thanks to God I now am starting to feel better. I...

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Swimmer’s Blog

I know I've been a bit quiet lately. I've been at the pool practicing, practicing, practicing. 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️Attended the Angel City Games at UCLA a few weeks ago and cam3 away with 3 First Place ribbins.😀

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Tavian Bryant – Living the Dream

It has been an amazing month. 7 races over a 10 day period in 2 different states. I made my first trip to Wisconsin to race in the Tour of America’s Dairyland. The Tour of America’s Dairyland featured four straight days of racing four criterium courses in four different cities around southeastern Wisconsin. A criterium is a circuit race on a closed course in which we complete several laps over a 30 to 35 minute time period. I really...

The Art of Preparation

What is up folks, how is everyone doing?It always amazes me how much goes into preparation for a task... be it a training session, an international triathlon trip or a surf-camping trip with a baby!If you prepare early, the chances of being late or messing something up are smaller -although they still happen!Name it and chances are I already thought ahead and had it all prepared when the time came. I am known to plan things ahead of time...

Be thankful to God for your health

I spent a week in the hospital in an ICU unit starting June 3rd and thru my birthday. I went to Loma Linda ER via ambulance. In almost 28years of spinal cord injury besides the initial injury. I have never felt anything this severe to the point where I could almost do nothing. I was admitted to hospital and later diagnosed with severe case of labyrinthitis with nystagmus due to inner ear inflammation with no actual cause determined. They...

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