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Happy Holidays

These holidays will be a little bit different but my family and are willing to make the best of it. from mine to yours we wish you guys the best hoping that in these unfortunate times we can still find the holiday spirit in our homes to my possabilities team and friends may God bless your homes with happiness love and most importantly health ❤ 🙏

2020 – Train, Train, and Train

I think that training is the obvious theme for the 2020 cycling season. With all racing on hold for now and for the foreseeable future, training is the focus. For me, I was able to spend a lot of time on the bike this year as cycling solo is socially distant. What I was grateful for most this year, besides health and happiness of my family and I, was the fact that I have an indoor trainer for my...

2020 in Review

This year has undoubtedly been a different type of year for the entire world and its affects were seen in the cycling community as well. What was expected to be an exciting season of racing turned out to be a year of hard training. When I realized that the 2020 racing season was likely to be a wash, I took it as an opportunity to focus on training and being prepared for whenever races started coming back. The training...

Staying strong

Nutrition is key to being healthy and performing at top level, the work is non stop complete and wholesome nutrition, hard work in training, rest, hydration, mindset, and support are key to athletic success.  

Borders still closed:-(

Greetings brothers & sisters! I waited until today to post and try not to sound like a broken record. Canada is still closed for non essential traveling, meaning races aren’t happening. The official government website was going to revisit this idea on Nov 21st, and the verdict is that they’ll stay hunkered down. It makes sense. Covid cases are spiking up due to flu season in the northern hemisphere. This is not the time to be risking and traveling I guess. But...


This end of year has definitely been impactful but let me be the one to remind you we all play a big role in the way we see life as it comes to us . So I challenge you to pick your head up and smile as we have a new year to forsee many accomplishments and build new memories that will fill our hearts full of joy and happiness stay strong as these are extraordinary times but we...

Working out while enjoying the view

The work continues the goal is to go the Paralympics so the work does not stop. Whether I am at home training indoors on the smart trainer, home gym, outdoor ride, or outdoor wheelchair workout climbing hills life rolls on and the work don't stop.

First race of 2020/2021 CANCELED

Hello fellow supporters and friends, I learned what I was afraid was going to happen. The 2 season openers, which were indoor races both in Dubai (October) and in Sweden (November) were canceled due to Covid. I was planing on racing the one in Sweden. And was really hoping it was going to happen. But things were not very promising and then finally it was official, canceled:-( What to do now? Keep training and focusing on the next one,...


Hey hey! A good talking point is the inspiration to train or do something in general. We all know there can always be an excuse to not train. But when you want to reach the highest level of competition, excuses are no good. You have to give your all to deserve to be there. This is something I learned from my triathlon former coach, Jack Bianchi, “I can’t teach you motivation” he said. He could give me all the training...

Cross Training

I am always looking for different ways to stay in shape one of my favorites is climbing Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside, California on my wheelchair it is two to three miles of nothing but climbing. The workout is great and the view at the top is beautiful.