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This end of year has definitely been impactful but let me be the one to remind you we all play a big role in the way we see life as it comes to us . So I challenge you to pick your head up and smile as we have a new year to forsee many accomplishments and build new memories that will fill our hearts full of joy and happiness stay strong as these are extraordinary times but we...


No matter how different we are in our own ways we deserve the same respect and accountability nobody is physicalky perfect but we are perfect in the way we think disability community goes through their challenges but we also strive in life exceeding our expections staying self motivated to reach our goals , so let's make a difference and be part of changing someone's life just by sharing yours. #TEAMPOSSABILITIES.

Beach Ride

Training days include good beach ride logging in 45 miles building endurance and strength ready for triathlon season to come back.

Family Training

Train hard love your wife and kids harder share what you love doing with your family and build those memories that will forever live. Me and my mini me

Staying ready

Even though all events are canceled due to Covid-19. I continue to train 6 days a week.  As many of my fellow athletes know what makes the difference at any race is the training behind closed doors, out on the trails, or gyms that most people do not see. I have added the use of Zwift which is an online virtual racing game that uses real cycling parameters, such as power, cadence, and heart rate if you have it...

Quarantine life

No matter what our current situation is while fighting this virus and being safe I still manage to make the best out of life and continue to do what I love and be consistent... and that's what sets us apart from going the extra mile to reach your goals....#iamamputee #teampossabilities. TRILIFE

Still Working #SOLOBIKE

During this time of uncertainty and social distancing, with gyms closed and our favorite group rides canceled many may wonder how are we keeping in shape, how is working out going. I thought I would give a small update on what I am doing during this time. Typically when I can’t get outside, I train on my Wahoo Kickr using the Wahoo app, Zwift or Sufferfest. It’s really important to continue to follow the plan set by my coach, whether...

Stay at home gainz

I hope you all have been safe and keeping your mind, body, and soul healthy. As for myself its been difficult to see myself again this year in a situation where the races that I was most looking forward too and training very hard for will not happen. But thanks to God, here at home healthy taking it one day at a time. Still training, in spite of COVID-19 causing closures of most business and gyms. Everyone is being...

What Makes for a Good Marathon?

I’d say for a handcyclist there are a few components that make a marathon great: Location:  The key is to find a marathon that you are able to get to and preferably one that is scenic.  The Long Beach International Marathon is one of my favorites because it is relatively close to where I live and you get to race alongside the Pacific Ocean. Well Supported:  When a community turns out to support their marathon, it really makes a difference.  Having volunteers to...