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Paddlers Blog-Scuba diving with WAVES project

Hello Team I had the opportunity to Scuba Dive with my fellow Military Veterans. The WAVES project teaches PTSD and disabeled soldiers the joy of Scuba. Today we held an introductory pool session at the Drayton Center. I have been certified through WAVES as a Scuba diver. Maker:L,Date:2017-8-16,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-Y

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Paddlers Blog-Dana Point race 2018

Hello Team It was another great day in Dana Point Harbor. The weather threatened to change on us all day, but we paddled through it. Lots of wind and some mild rain couldn’t keep us off the water. Canoe racing is a BLAST!

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Athletes passion

Training ride and enjoying the view in the quiet morning just me and my domane.#trekdomane #teampossabilities #morningride #trainingsesh #santaanarivertrail .

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2018 CAMTRI American Cup of Triathlon / Sarasota, FL

Hello hello, I just raced the PanAmerican and it was a VERY eventful one. First of all, they changed te date on the PanAm and that was not cool: we got a 6weeks notice –from originally going be hold in Brazil (in June) it changed to US (in March!). Timing on my training schedule was not ideal, but this was all political, what can we do? -Well, on my part I can only do my best, and honestly, I’m grateful I [...]

2018 Valley of the Sun Stage Race

The first official race on my racing schedule this year was the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Phoenix, Arizona. With the arrival of my new Carbonbike four days before the first race, I wasn’t able to get much time getting the bike fit quite right and race ready. With my last race being in November, it felt like it had been a while since my last race and it was. I had a solid weekend and continued [...]

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A Great Way to Start the Season!

To compete and win at the highest levels requires the optimal combination of training, coaching, nutrition, experience, support, and equipment. Remove any one of those components and you can find yourself off the podium wondering what exactly went wrong. Handcycle technology is changing so quickly that what was a competitive bike three years ago has become obsolete. I have often heard, from national team coaches and athletes, that, with inferior equipment, “You’ve already lost the race before it even [...]

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Valley of the Sun Stage Race – Tavian Bryant

First race of the year was the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. This was the second year in a row that I’ve competed in this event. I was really looking forward to the event this year because I knew it would give me the opportunity to gauge my progress. I was also looking forward to the event this year because it was my first race as a member of TeamPossabilities. It was great to have teammates around and [...]

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Del’s 2018 Valley of the Sun Race

Valley of the Sun Stage Race Hi All, I along with many other teammates recently got an awesome opportunity to visit the great state of Arizona, Phoenix to be exact to compete in a professional bike race! The Valley of the Sun stage race consisted of three different stages: Stage One was a 9.9mile TT (time trial) in which I impressed myself by averaging a season high 16.6 mph average speed, which was good enough to net me a 4th place finish I [...]

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First Stage Race of 2018: Valley of the Sun!! The Adventures of Stage 3–Downtown Phoenix Criterium! By Jenna Rollman

Valley of the Sun Stage 3–Downtown Phoenix Criterium. The final race for the 2018 Valley of the Sun is the fastest and most intense of all, taking place right in the heart of Downtown Phoenix and giving the competitors one last chance to make up time lost during the road race or to solidify their top standings in the overall GC! The handcycle criterium was slated to start at 2:35pm of which I felt very grateful for because the physical [...]