Rolling Bears

Rolling Bears

The Rolling Bears were co-founded in 1988 by Larry Echols and Bill Ystad. We play in the Southern California Wheelchair Basketball Conference, which is sanctioned by the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. The Rolling Bears have won 6 conference championships and their highest finish at Division 3 Nationals was 3rd place.
Past and Present Rolling Bears players have moved on to college to play basketball and earn their college degrees. While in college they earned All-American status and have represented the United States in international competition and won National Championships at the collegiate level.
In May 2002 The Rolling Bears became a nonprofit public benefit corporation called the Rolling Bears Wheelchair Athletic Association (RBWAA).

Current officers are:
President: David Cazares
Vice-President: Eric Eblen
Treasurer: Eddie Ramirez
Secretary: Guy Perry

All Rolling Bear decisions are made by the officers of the RBWAA, not PossAbilities.
PossAbilities has been a sponsor and supporter of the Rolling Bears since their inception. The Rolling Bears were the first organization to join the family of PossAbilities! PossAbilities has helped the Rolling Bears in numerous ways:
1. Financially every year they fund approximately 30 percent of our yearly budget.
2. They provide a place to practice, the Drayson Center.
3. They provide an outlet for our players for other sport and recreational activities.
For more information on joining the Rolling Bears please email:


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