Veterans Adaptive Sports Program

Veterans Adaptive Sports Program

PossAbilities has over 500 members that are US Veterans. Most of our veterans have a desire to be actively engaged in adaptive sports. That’s why we decided to develop a Veterans Adaptive Sports program. If you are a US Veteran you can become part of Team PossAbilities through the following sports:

Adaptive Basketball

Our adaptive basketball team is called the Rolling Bears. The team already counts on several veterans that are currently on the squad. The Rolling Bears were co-founded in 1988 by Larry Echols and Bill Ystad. We play in the Southern California Wheelchair Basketball Conference, which is sanctioned by the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. The Rolling Bears have won 6 conference championships and their highest finish at Division 3 Nationals was 3rd place. Past and Present Rolling Bears players have moved on to college to play basketball and earn their college degrees. While in college they earned All-American status and have represented the United States in international competition and won National Championships at the collegiate level. To learn more about the Rolling Bears please click HERE.

Adaptive Scuba

One of our newest programs is our Discovery Scuba For Veterans program. Are you a member of PossAbilities and a Veteran? If yes, you can train to become a certified SCUBA diver! FREE – NO COST. Loma Linda University Health PossAbilities is partnering with the Disabled Veterans Scuba Project to provide this class free with no cost. To learn more click HERE.

Adaptive Canoe

Good ideas often start small. Our adaptive canoe program currently has only one participant in it. His name is Greg Crouse. Greg has represented the United States 4 times now in international competition in outrigger canoeing and hopes to continue to achieve his goals in Hungary (2011), Calgary (2012), and is working to secure the first ever Open Men’s “Para-canoe” selection in the 2020 Paralympic games in Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about Greg click HERE. Perhaps you can be our next paracanoeist. If this is an adaptive sports that interests you please contact Cotie Williams at (909) 558-6664.

Adaptive Triathlon

Our PossAbilities Triathlon is held every year in April at the Loma Linda University Drayson Center. This event is perhaps the only triathlon where para-athletes and abled-bodied athletes compete on the same field. This event is popular with some of our veterans! Disabled veterans can compete in several categories. The six (6) Paratriathlon categories are as follows:

TRI 1 – Handcycle: Paraplegic, Quadriplegic, Polio, Double Leg Amputee. Must have a minimum of 20% impairment of any one limb. Must use handcycle for the bicycle portion and racing wheelchair for the run portion.
TRI 2 – Severe Leg impairment: Above-knee Amputees. Must have a minimum of 20% impairment of any one limb. Athlete must ride bicycle and run with approved prosthesis for the affected limbs (as identified during classification) or crutches. Racing wheelchairs are not allowed.
TRI 3 – Les Autres: Includes athletes with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Double Leg Amputee (runners) or Paralysis in multiple limbs. Must have a minimum of 20% impairment of any one limb. Must ride a bicycle or tricycle and run. May use cane, braces or prosthesis during run portion. No racing wheelchairs.
TRI 4 – Arm impairment: Including Above and Below Elbow Amputees or “impairment” in one or both upper limbs. Must have a minimum of 20% impairment of any one limb. Athletes may use prosthesis, brace or sling on the bike and/or run.
TRI 5 – Moderate leg impairment: Below-knee amputees. Must have a minimum of 20% impairment of any one limb. Athlete must ride bicycle and run with approved prosthesis for the affected limb (as identified during classification) or crutches.
TRI 6 – Visual Impairment: Legally Blind. (20/200 vision with best corrected vision). It is mandatory that only one guide of the same sex may be used throughout the race. Athlete is tethered during the swim portion, must ride a tandem bicycle, and may choose an elbow lead, tether lead, or run free. Black-out glasses must be worn on the run.
You can learn more about this event by clicking HERE.


PossAbilities has developed a Para-cycling Program designed for recreational para-cycling riders. We invite veteran and non-veteran paracyclists to join us for our integrated bi-monthly Group Paracycle Rides the second and last Sunday of each month* @ 8:00 a.m. Find out more about this program by clicking HERE. We also offer veterans training and a chance to compete in a USAC sanctioned paracycling competition. PossAbilities is proud to sponsor and organize the Redlands Bicycle Classic paracycling race. Every year over 20 veterans participate in this event. To find out how you can participate click HERE.