Blown prosthetic knee

Blown prosthetic knee


We always have something to complain right?! If not one thing it’s another; or it’s too hot or too cold or or or…

Turns out on my last race (in Italy) I had a blown hydraulic chamber on my running knee. That’s why if you look on the picture the prosthesis is too far flexed. My prosthetist tried fixing it and then found out the problem. Of course the knee is out of warranty…

On one hand, I have the best running socket I’ve ever had –amassing personal records often. On the other, a blown knee that takes my potential to about 70% of where I could go. Still able to run, but likely, I’ll run 3miles in 25 minutes instead of 22 minutes.

2018 has proven to be an eventful season, full of bad mojo. There’s not one single race I can go where everything goes well. There’s ALWAYS a problem. Of course there’s been great things happening also, but as far as racing the witches are all loose!

Enough complaining for now, just accept the situation. We take what we can get, stop the whining and race with what we have. An excerpt from Cotie was very fitting today: “Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.”