New year – New challenges

New year – New challenges

Happy 2019 everyone, let’s wish and work for a great year for all of us!

Winter is my favorite season! Temps here are not too bad -enough where you can wear puffy jackets if you want; surf is up -my favorite waves light up; weather is great for training; there’s rain -this year has been a great one, everything is green and water is gushing on creeks & falls!

My snowboard journey has started, it is a moving process. All the parts of the puzzle are being pieced together: I have to find myself a coach; get a special leg, and all the equipment necessary. And of course… most important: I have to practice! Working in my favor is that the mountain will be open until July they say!

I would be lying if I said I’m not scared. It’s a brand new sport (at the level I wanna get), I need lots more practice and I’m not getting any younger. But I am doing my part, keeping in shape with running – cycling – swimming. Very important too are the personal training gym sessions – specially designed for the rigors of snowboarding. I felt this scared before with triathlon, thinking at many race starts : “what am I doing here?” Eventually I overcame that, and I know I’ll be doing something I love. With that comes a desire and dedication that will make me do my best, that I can assure.

Slowly but surely things are happening, all in their time. This is going to take a village; it is not just a personal effort. I’m going to need a lot of help. PossAbilities is essential on this journey, and just by having them by my side, I already feel more confident.