Corona Virus Pandemic is Real

Corona Virus Pandemic is Real

Dear readers,

personally I thought COVID-19 was over hyped. Then suddenly it got out of control: country borders were closing, people were being furloughed in their jobs, sports and all travelling was cancelled. It is real.

Selfishly I was mad because we had an excellent late season for snow, rain & such —I had a couple of training trips to Mammoth planned, and was extremely excited with that. Until the mountain closed, early, because of Covid.

Honestly, I’m just saying that for blogging reasons — not in any way am I complaining. There’s people dying, a lot of them, it’s concerning. So it’s best to play it safe until we all find out how to get a handle on this. Let’s hunker down and stay safe and healthy.

Sending love, blessings and prayers to everyone.