PossAbilities MAKES it possible

PossAbilities MAKES it possible

Hey hey, hope everyone is keeping it together, one day at a time.

I would like to take a moment to appreciate Team PossAbilities. I do always appreciate them and also count my blessings. How lucky am I or are us to have them in our lives?!

In changing sports, due to the circumstances I was sort of heading into the unknown. Of course I did my homework and had been studying the possibilities if I were to do it.

But then to have to nerve to pull the trigger and do it, that requires some strong commitment, courage and as importantly —backing up.

Team PossAbilities was there to back me up when I needed it. Personally I can’t think of other entities that would have done it (meaning, stand by me when I changed sports) and that is special.

For that I am grateful. It’s all a “maybe” here because all of you that are trying for Paralympics know how extremely competitive it can get. There’s no guarantees.

But we’re in this together. It’s team work and it takes a village. I am “driving” but I could not do it without your support. Team PossAbilities and all of the supporters: I salute you!!