Hey hey!

A good talking point is the inspiration to train or do something in general.

We all know there can always be an excuse to not train. But when you want to reach the highest level of competition, excuses are no good. You have to give your all to deserve to be there.

This is something I learned from my triathlon former coach, Jack Bianchi, “I can’t teach you motivation” he said. He could give me all the training drills and schedule and stuff like that, but he couldn’t give/teach me how to be motivated/inspired. And he was right.

Inspiration has to come from the inside. And at times, it’s not easy. It (training) can seem very repetitive and even boring. That is how it is sometimes, but you just have to trust the process.

Myself, I find inspiration and motivation in so many things. There’s always something that keeps me going; be it a movie I watched (maybe a sports movie or series), a new piece of gear (that always brings me motivation, so many things, like the new PossAbilities cycling kit), to be part of a team (like PossAbilities, or to represent your country in a race!), try a new electrolyte and see how your body feels, 3 shots of espresso before a bike ride, I could go on and on about different stuff that inspired and inspires me.

Of course when you have a scheduled race, that in itself is great inspiration and a goal to train.

I hope everyone finds something to be inspired/motivated to accomplish their challenges and goals and dreams!