F1 Racers?

F1 Racers?

Hi guys,

As I’m watching one of my favorite Netflix shows “Drive to Survive,” again I thought of the similarities between my current racing sport and F1. 

First I thought, “no, I’m out of my mind to even compare myself to them,” but some things are true. 

Those guys train a lot, they’re some of the fittest athletes on earth actually. I would love to be on that level, but even though I train, it is different. They’re paid to do only that —not my case. 

What’s interesting that I learned is that they’re only on their F1 cars for limited days per year, meaning only 2 or 3 days before the race itself. It’s not like they drive those all the time, rest of their time is body training & driving on simulators. 

That is what I compared myself! Even though I love snowboarding, the actual amount of days I spent in the snow are not as many as I’d like. So I have to train train train with the focus and mentality that when I get there I know what to do & I’m ready. This is how I can take full advantage of the snow & race days.