Multi Sports Brought Me Here

Multi Sports Brought Me Here

Hello fellas,

I was thinking these past few weeks how I got where I am and how I’m grateful for everything I’ve done, and everyone that help me get here.

My trajectory in snowboarding was much shorter than it had been in triathlon, but it was not by chance or out of nowhere. It took work to get there. Just as it took work to get where I got in triathlon, and one thing lead to the other. It takes passion. It takes motivation day in and day out. It takes time, and money. It takes tons of practice with the use of equipment like that screen golf. It takes a coach to unlock the next level.

Even though these sports are night and day different, in everything, I had to apply the same dedication for both. So that just translated from one sport to the other; I knew how to do the work, then it was all about the modifications in intensity and types of workouts. Having been thorough that training road before made it easier, because I somewhat had it “mapped out,” knowing “it was not a sprint race but a marathon.” I worked in building blocks; first improving one thing (basics, how to carve on a snowboard) then building on top of that and slowly getting more confident on the technical stuff (jumps for example, or a race start —where many races are won). And always keep my fitness level up, because remember I only spend a handful of days in the snow, so about 80% of my training is done on land, off the snow. You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready, a mentor of mine said, and it’s true, but it takes WORK!

So I had / have to be persistent. Patient also. Then gradually I kept improving, and still am. It’s always a work in progress, but it’s good knowing exactly where I need to improve.

It’s essential to have the support and financial backup, that’s where all my supporters and sponsors come in play. Because it’s not cheap to go on a training camp or a race in Europe, for instance, specially when all bills keep coming at home!

Keep it on. One day at a time. Sending love and blessings to all.