The 2022 Season

The 2022 Season

My season is bit different, in a way that my races run mostly during the northern hemisphere winter. 

Even though I blogged every month, it’s worth mentioning that this was the most meaningful sports year / season of my life: I made it to the Paralympics!!!

The amount of work that went into me making it to winter Paralympics in Beijing 2022 shouldn’t be overlooked, it took years of hard work, sweat and money. Racing around the world is not cheap. Equipment is not cheap. It takes a village! A big part of my “village” is Team PossAbilities, I’ve said before and will say again: they were instrumental in making me an elite athlete. 

Take snowboarding for instance: they helped me finance some of my races. They got me my very special snowboard leg. They got both of my snowboards that I raced in the Paralympics, which are now part of history!

Here’s for hoping Team PossAbilities can carry on being a beam of light and support in my life and many other athletes!!