World Cup of ParaSnowboard – Pyhä, Finland

World Cup of ParaSnowboard – Pyhä, Finland

Hello team and supporters, I’m just back from an adventure in Finland.

My second time there, a place in the Arctic Circle, in Northern Finland called Pyhä. It’s magical… and this time it wasn’t so cold, it’s been quite an off winter for European standards.

Last time I was there I had a hard time on this race course and it was very humbling. That’s exactly why I came back, to get stronger as an athlete. It was very positive and I improved so much. I came in 6th in both of my races, and that’s not bad, ahead of me were all seasoned athletes, most are Paralympic medalists. Worth mentioning is that I was not far away from them in times, we’re talking few seconds. That’s how racing goes…

Before and after the races we had training camps on the race course and those were fantastic! Great routine we had going: 2 sessions of training, eating well in between, sauna & stretch sessions everyday. About 4 hs of sunlight / day at this time of year. And we really only saw the sun two days in the 3 weeks we were there. Crazy!

That trip was quite special. I’m looking fwd to the next adventure already! So addicting!!