Oregon: Mission NOT accomplished

Oregon: Mission NOT accomplished

Hi guys,

Thought I would share this story, otherwise I may forget in the future. Sometimes things go so wrong it’s almost funny, but not in the moment…

It was February 2023, I had a photoshoot for Adidas in Portland, Oregon -exciting stuff! A great storm aligned w my trip, so I went earlier to get a day of snowboarding in Mount Hood (about 1,5 hs drive). I’ll take every opportunity to train I can get, specially with this new board I have that I’m still figuring out.

A rental car with 4WD was the star of the show bc the road & snow were serious up in the mountain. And it took 3hs to get there – slow driving w snow. Once in the mountain, conditions were amazing! What was not amazing was my snowboard leg: because I changed my walking prosthetic socket the week before (and it was much tighter), now my snowboard socket was falling off of my leg. It was quite sketchy, so after 20 min of boarding I gave up and got a refund for my day pass. Talk about frustration, being in the mountain on a great day and not being able to snowboard:(

Remember I mention 1,5 hs from Portland to Mount Hood? Well, this massive storm was getting to Portland and the roads started getting blocked, it was not pretty – it took me 6 hours to get to the hotel!!!

At least I would get to work the next day since that’s what I came for right? —wrong! Getting to the studio was easy as I was only 2 miles away, but NO one besides the manager & myself made it to the building because of the massive storm. They canceled my work day, and I got into another adventure driving to the airport, to hopefully change my tix and arrive home earlier. Well… with the storm, flights schedules got all messed up, so I couldn’t get home that night (even though I was at the airport in the morning!) I slept at SF’s airport and got home the next morning, late – couldn’t help my wife that needed coverage w the kids.

Sometimes everything goes wrong and that one in particular sucked! The worst part of it was a hip flexor contracture that I developed bc of the many hours sitting – an injury that took a couple weeks to heal…