Glasgow bound!

Glasgow bound!

So, this is what’s cool…… Wait for it……. I qualified for the world paracycling championships in Glasgow, Scotland. I really did it! Even though I teach at a university I have no idea how to use correct punctuation for the previous sentences. This would be why I don’t teach English. Regardless, I am very excited about what’s to come. This was one of my goals for the season. And, all 3 of the PossAbilities cyclists qualified for a second term on the national team i addition to qualifying for the world championships.

I took 5 days off after the qualification race for worlds to take a mental break and refresh before starting a 5 week training phase before Glasgow. Today I produced more sustained watts than any previous training session. My shoulders and biceps are confirming this as I am typing this blog post. This year has brought game-changing performances for me. I’ll call it my breakout year. It is really tough to ride easy 2 – 3 times a week at very low wattage. The 2 high-intensity days, such as today, are very difficult and rewarding. Commitment to consistency has paid off.

I have a goal to get 3rd or 4th at the world championships in both the time trial and road race. Being my first I’m just hoping my planning is correct. The time trial is only 7.1 miles with 220ish feet of climbing. This has been my strongest discipline so far this year. There may be a competitor from South Africa who typically gets top-three who has not been present all season. I have shown that I can road race as well getting a 3rd and 4th in the event at the 2 world cups. The nerves are kinda high, as you may tell, but I think the excitement of the event is part of this. Anyways, until next month I will continue to train with quality in mind, not be careless with time off the bike, and keep my diet in check.

Until next time, health is wealth.