Nerves at the Paralympics

Nerves at the Paralympics

Hey guys,

I wanted to open up about the “butterflies” I had before the races. 

It’s all to be expected; to be in that huge stage, huge courses, cameras everywhere, the atmosphere is electric, maybe you couldn’t tell from looking at me (dancing with the coach, trying to keep my mind relaxed) but my legs were SHAKING!

Take for instance the Banked Slalom race: I did well on the last day of training pre race, was relaxed, put in some good & fast laps on that beautiful course. Come race day, when I see the same exact course, but with the blue lines sprayed throughout… ugh, my stomach just turned! It’s a mixture of anxiety with happiness with excitement to perform. But I got extra nervous on the 1st run (it’s best out of 2) to go all out and try to make a spectacular time —my technique went out the window and I fell:(   So on the 2nd run I went more conservatively to not fall, and wasn’t as fast…

So frustrated! But that just gives me more fuel to try it again at that big of a stage! Let Cortina 2026 come!! (And hopefully I’ll make it!)