Getting Amped Up

Getting Amped Up

Hi friends,

Less than a month separates me from my 1st race of the season, an indoor World Cup Banked Slalom in Landgraaf, Netherlands. 

I’m so pumped! Excited and beyond grateful for these opportunities. I’ve been training harder, enjoying seeing the amount of hours I rack up weekly on my Garmin watch!

This one in specific I am looking forward to train / race at the location. Much like Finland, I haven’t done very well there in the past. 

But I have high hopes I’ll do much better this time around; I personally improved my technique, my snowboard leg is dialed, I have the right board for the job now -same one PossAbilities got me that I used in the Beijing Paralympics. I know what to expect and where I have to work harder. 

Late November I fly out, will miss Thanksgiving but it’s for a good cause: chasing the Paralympics… focused on Cortina 2026!