Making the Best

Making the Best

Howdy folks!

Like I mentioned previously, I’m getting ready for my upcoming season. 

Hopes are high, the body has been constantly sore, I’m getting in the zone where I’ll be feeling ready. 

For sure, with social media these days, you’re always comparing yourself to other athletes. “Oh, these guys are on a training camp doing this & that.” “Oh, that guy already had 50 days of snow training on his belt,” and so forth…

Myself? -this is what I have, I train and do what I can and never let those comparisons be excuses. On the contrary, I try to use them as fuel to be better than the competition. It doesn’t always work, but you can be sure when I’m on the start line, that I have that podium in mind and nothing else!

You can’t have an opportunity like the one I’ve been given and not make the best out of it…