Proud moments

Proud moments

Hi friends,

I’m here training in the Netherlands at this state of the art compound with an indoor ski facility where they built a beautiful banked slalom course. It’s pretty awesome, you’re wearing shorts one minute, next you suit up and get inside this “freezer box.” 

Super grateful to be here, it’s my 3rd time, and I was thinking I’ve come a long way in snowboarding. I never needed to prove anything to anyone, but since I had my accident, I’ve been keeping tabs on para-snowboard racing, I kinda had an itch.

Many times I thought I could give it a go, and maybe even be successful. I’m proud of myself for trying, rather than living for the rest of my life thinking “what if…” or “I could have done well in that.” Giving myself a chance, knowing it wouldn’t be easy on any front, took a lot of commitment and work. More times than I can remember I’ve been humbled with the sheer difficulty of the races and competitors and race courses, thinking, “what the hell am I doin’ here?” But I stuck with it and kept going and was even successful a few times, proving I deserved to be here.

So for all that, I’m so glad I tried! And I appreciate having you all with me on this journey. Onwards, focusing on Cortina 2026!!