Two Races = TWO GOLDS!!

Two Races = TWO GOLDS!!

Hello guys,

I’d like to share good news today; the races in the indoor “ice box” in Landgraaf, Holland, went extremely well and I collected two gold medals!!

Super pumped, I surprised myself w the fact, but also would like to share the details on that. Because last season I ended up only doing one race (which I didn’t do well), I lost most of my points and downgraded to the “entry level” race —the European Cup of Banked Slalom (and not World Cup, like I usually do). So the difficulty was lower, BUT, it doesn’t take away the fact that there were 14 riders in my category and I got the best times of all of them. It definitely feels great!

There’s two runs on each race, it’s the best time out of the two. There’s two races, on 2 separate days. The final result (points wise) is both races’ points divided by 2. 

First day I did well and had the best time on both runs. On the second day, maybe pressure got to me to do well again, and I fell on my 1st run. So after breathing and calming myself down, I was able to put on my best performance to bring the gold again!

I am super pumped, and now with these points I’m back on the elite level again. Worth mentioning that on the elite (World Cup) level, I would have been 4th & 5th place respectively.

Now it’s time to go home, celebrate, and keep training for the next races. Thank you to Team PossAbilities, Team Brasil and coach Mancha, and everyone that supports and believes on my journey!