Huge News: Europa Cup Overall Winner!

Huge News: Europa Cup Overall Winner!

Buongiorno friends; in true Italian fashion I’m drinking a cappuccino while I write this post:)

We arrived in the Italian alps feeling sharp, coming from an excellent training block + good race results in Germany. The area, Colere, is beautiful, the food is fantastic and the people are great -we felt “at home.”

The forecast, we knew beforehand, called for a lot of snow followed by a lot of rain —rain would be typical of spring, not expected in February, but times & climate are changing. With all that disruption, the courses built for the races were buried & then packed / destroyed by the rain. And there was a wide avalanche danger thru the whole mountain range. End result: the 3 races we were going to have were cancelled. 

Personally it was quite frustrating. Very similar to last year, when races were postponed and I couldn’t go when they happened: all of this training, all the money, time & sweat invested in these special weeks, and I was finally going to put it all to test, only to have it canceled:/  Remember I went to Finland & Austria only for training, races were in Germany & Italy. Of course it was all super fun, we were only robbed of the “gran finale.”

Now the upside of all of this, completely unexpected and I wasn’t even aware of it: with my efforts & results from the races in the Netherlands & Germany I became the Europa Cup Overall Winner!!! From the races in Netherlands (1st), Finland (I missed), Germany (2nd) & Italy (canceled) I was surprised to learn I  am the European Champion! 

That’s a first that I will cherish forever, the trophy will be proudly displayed at home! Thank you Team PossAbilities for the continued support!