Post Season Blues

Post Season Blues

Hello folks,

It’s funny how sometimes you have so much of a good thing that it’s hard to come back to “normal.”

Sounds like complaining, but it’s not… I’m so grateful and aware that I have a great family, an awesome job and live in a great place. 

But the highs are so high sometimes that is hard to get back to schedule, commitments, routine. 

Think about it… the sport itself, snowboarding, is SO MUCH FUN! That I get paid to travel & train & compete at these amazing locations is unreal! New locations every week; spectacular conditions for boarding; training with my coach = always improving; great food, (that I don’t have to worry about shopping/cooking) great hotels. To sum it all up, just living a dream… and to cap it all off: my wife joined me for the last week (she would watch my last races, which got cancelled due to avalanche dangers), 1st vacation just the two of us in 5 years! In Italy!! (Thank you mom & dad for staying with the kids!)

Now it’s time to focus back home, which is also amazing. Time to put our heads down and work so we can keep having the aforementioned good times:)