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Before completing the application please review the following information:

Welcome member of PossAbilities! We are happy that you have decided to apply for assistance through our grant and scholarship program.

The purpose of a PossAbilities grant or scholarship is to provide support
for our members to improve the quality of life, assist in the reintegration into the
community, and to meet the specific needs of our members.

Grants and scholarships are awarded to active and involved members of PossAbilities.

Funding can be awarded to members for the following:
• Equipment to improve quality of life
• Accessibility grants
• Educational scholarships
• Social outings
• Travel to and/or participation in sporting events
• Other needs specific to the disabled population


For more information please email or call 909-558-6384.

This application is designed to help determine your eligibility for a grant or scholarship, to provide a way for you to apply for an award, and to provide information as to how awards are granted. Please work through the application and follow all instructions. Your application must be complete to be considered. Use the Checklist at the bottom of this page.

What type of funding is available?
Grants and scholarships are awarded to active members of PossAbilities. Funding can be awarded to members for the following:

  •   Equipment to improve quality of life or meet a specific medical need
  •   Accessibility grants
  •   Educational scholarships
  •   Social outings
  •   Travel to and/or participation in sporting events
  •   Other needs specific to the disabled population
Who can apply?
Any member or support member of PossAbilities may apply based on the guidelines listed below.  A friend or family member may also apply on behalf of a PossAbilities member, as long as the PossAbilities member is willing to sign a release of liability if selected to receive support.

  • Members: A PossAbilities Member is anyone with a disability who submits an application   for membership and is enrolled in the program.  Members are entitled to full benefits  and are eligible to apply for grants and scholarships in support of needs   they are not able to meet otherwise.    Requests for funds to be used as supplemental income or to pay for   medical care can not be provided by PossAbilities.
  • Support Members: PossAbilities Support Members are able-bodied peers of our Members   and are only eligible for grants if they represent the PossAbilities program   at sporting events.  Benefits for   Support Members include volunteer opportunities, participation in events, and   mentorship opportunities. Grants and Scholarships for Support Members may   amount to but do not typically exceed $500 for support towards their   activities. Support Member requests above $500 will be assessed and approved   by a committee.
How are awards granted?
Awards are distributed directly to the organization, school, or company providing the resource for the PossAbilities member. PossAbilities does not give money directly to any individual.
When can I apply?
Applications may be submitted to PossAbilities from June 1st through August 31st.  An application that is mailed must be postmarked by August 31st.  An application that is emailed must be received by 11:59 pm on August 31st. If you have a pressing need that is deemed necessary for review outside of the June to August application period, you can request special consideration by the committee. (See attached form). NOTE: Requests of this nature must meet certain eligibility criteria and are subject to the decision of the review panel.
How do I submit an application?
You may submit your completed application BY COMPLETING IT ONLINE:

  • Via the online application form 2017 PossAbilities Grant Application fillable
  • Hand delivery to our offices –  application must be delivered directly to a staff member in-person.
  • Via email to Subject Line: Grants and Scholarships Application.
  • Via regular mail. Please mail to: PossAbilities 25455 Barton Road, Suite 109A Loma Linda, CA. 92354. Attn: Christina Nieto.

What happens after I submit the application? Once your completed application is submitted you will be notified in writing that your application was received and you will be notified of the status of your application no later than November 30th.

Who decides? A review panel consisting of PossAbilities staff and members of the community will review, vote, and decide on awards for applicants. It is the intention and purpose of PossAbilities to thoughtfully consider all applications. While all needs are relevant, the number and amount of the awards and scholarships are dependent upon available funds.

Can I apply for more than once? Due to the number of requests and the diversity of the needs of our members, you may only submit one application per calendar year.  Past recipients of funding are not eligible to be considered for a PossAbilities grant or scholarship for two years from when they received funding. Applicants awarded an accessibility grant  must wait three years. This ensures that PossAbilities is able to assist as many members as possible.

When will I know if I have been selected to receive a grant or scholarship? After the August 31st deadline, the review panel has up to 90 days to select recipients. It is the intention of the panel to work as quickly as possible.  You will be notified no later than November 30th.

To determine if you are eligible please read below. 


Are you a member of PossAbilities? YES / NO
If ‘NO’ STOP! Only members are eligible to apply for a grant or scholarship.  If you selected No, please contact the PossAbilities office regarding membership.
Do you have a disability? YES / NO
ONLY Members with a disability are eligible for a grant or scholarship.
Can you confirm that your need is not for support to pay medical or personal bills and/or expenses? YES / NO
STOP!  If you answered NO to this question, please contact the PossAbilities office for support. A grant or scholarship cannot provide for basic and/or personal expenses.
Does your request fall into one of the categories listed below? YES / NO
– Equipment grant – Accessibility grant – Educational scholarship – Social outing/Community event -Travel/participation in a sporting event – Athletic grant – Other – Special Request (non-medical)
Are you willing and able to continue to serve as an active member of PossAbilities in the coming year? YES / NO

If you answered YES to ALL of the questions above, you are eligible to complete the application at the bottom of this page.

If you answered NO to ANY of the questions above, please stop here and contact the PossAbilities office at 909-558-6384 for assistance.


Supporting Document #1:  Estimate of Cost/Expense

All applicants are required to submit verification that the amount they are requesting is proportionate to the expense or service they are requesting funding for.

For equipment, construction services, or purchases from a vendor: Attach a quote which the company or business can provide in the form of an invoice.

OR, for tuition and/or books for education: Attach an invoice for the cost of tuition and/or estimated book expenses from the school.

OR, for social   outings and expenses: Attach the brochure or print-out of the cost to attend or participate in the event or outing. 

Supporting Document #2:  Reference Letter

**REQUIRED if request is more than $1,000***Applicants are required to submit a reference   letter for requests that are more than $1,000. Reference letters can be provided by anyone who knows you. Friends and family members can write a recommendation, but an employer, teacher, or community member who is not a friend or family member is preferred. A letter of recommendation must contain the following information:

 Explain your disability and understand your need

  •   How a grant or scholarship would improve your quality of life
  •   Make a case that your request is appropriate and that you qualify for a grant or scholarship
  •   Give their assessment of your character and your ability to responsibly manage any award that is given to you

A maximum of 2 letters are allowed per application.

***NOT REQUIRED if request is less than $1000***

Supporting Documents #3:  Biography & photo 

All   applicants are required to submit a one page personal biography describing your disability, how it was attained (if applicable), your current activities and future goals. You must also submit personal photo with your application (preferably related to your grant request).


Your application is ready to submit once you have….
     Answered  YES to ALL questions on Are You Eligible?
     Completed the Application 
     Attached your Supporting Documents 
     Signed your Application

You are important to our program! We look forward to making a difference in the lives of our members.


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