Peer Visitation Program

Need A Peer Visit?

Disabled members of our program can become peer visitors to recently injured or hospitalized patients who would like to speak with someone who has a similar experience.  This program allows those who have been hurt, but have now healed, the opportunity to give back to others who are just beginning their journey towards healing.  The peer visitation program is designed so that patients in our rehabilitation units (inpatients) as well as disabled individuals in the community (outpatients) can receive a visit from someone who is familiar with the challenges they face every day. If you know of someone (anyone) who could use a FREE visit and some encouragement, please contact us at the number below! Click HERE to meet our peer visitors!


To request a FREE peer visit simply call (909) 558-6384.

If you are interested in becoming a peer visitor, please contact Cotie Williams for an interview (909) 558-6664.