Today while training I learned that it doesn’t take much for us to do to inspire others to go as much as to have an awesome day just by meeting wonderful people. Someone pulled over to tell me seeing me running on the street despite of my disability made them make a goal for themselves to start working out with no excuses getting in day, with this conversation I had with a stranger I want to say that loving who you are no matter what can bring joy and inspiration to others which only makes me realize how important the tool that God gave me changes people’s perspective at a glance.

As an athlete I always said that I would motivate many to do the things they could never imagine doing but as a person you understand the meaning of MOTIVATION as it creates the biggest impact by being humble and doing the Lil things that make a big difference,  I know I can always say that there’s many contributing factors for the blessings I received but possabilties has been the biggest contributer to put me in front of life changing moments for people and my self.

As I continue my journey as ambassador/ athlete I know that my pay back comes in knowing someone out there seeing me run ,swim,or bike and will find motivation to do better then before and just like that my foot print will be left.

Remember no matter how perfect we think we are what makes us perfect is not our physical appearance but our hearts and the way we see others, I leave you with a message for the day equality and Motivation for the future starts with what you can do today.  #teampossabilities.