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2015 Westlake Century, Westlake CA

The level of speed and endurance of these guys was unbelievable! Keeping up with them was a true test of my motivation to push myself even harder towards my goals. Thank you Malcolm Hill & Breakaway from Cancer Masters Cycling! https://www.facebook.com/BfCMasters

Saturdays Training

Hi everybody,my name is Nick. I am the newest member of the Road to Rio program. I ride an upright bicycle and love to train. Here is a link for my training session from Saturday. http://www.strava.com/activities/385729850


Went down to san diego early on sunday morning and pulled up to perfect conditions at fiesta island. lol happy mothers day to me :) Had an awesome day and set another personal best on this course.  I had a time of   35:55  for the 20 kilometer course.Although i already made the emerging national standard at this same course on nov 17, 2012 , i was very close on this day to breaking into the talent pool standard and just 2:30...

big bear TT course recon

Yesterday i had the pleasure of doing a little recon on the new redland Classic TT course. 4.4 mile TT with a few hills in it. Should be a fun new course for the future. I will be going up again soon and i will post pics next time!!!!!!