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2018: The worst winter ever!

Good day friends, They say you take the good with the bad, but this time it was very bad! This post is all about complaining. First off, we had a series of fires that ravaged California, including the worst fire in CA history. “Thomas Fire” burned for almost a month and it was about 70miles wide. I had to evacuate and it really sucked to be outside, not able to breath fresh air, raining ashes everywhere, it was a mess. I [...]

2017 – The Year In Review

Dear PossAbilities readers, another year is coming to an end, and what a great one it was! The idea is to always keep moving forward and that goes for anything in life I would say. During the winter time I did a lot of surfing, a couple days snowboarding and worked on my base fitness for the upcoming season. In March was the year opener, a banger in the form of a podium at the PanAmericans in Sarasota, Florida! That was good preparation [...]