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Season Beginnings End

The start of a new season is always exciting. For me it’s the thrill of getting back to racing in a group of cyclists within inches of one another. This is what I enjoy the most about racing. At the start of a new season that excitement begins to brew and with that excitement for many including me comes a bit of anxiety. Going into a new season is a little daunting from certain aspects. Cyclists need to work [...]

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Paddlers Blog-2019 Racing

Great start to the new year. 1st place award in my division. A really windy day in San Diego, but my training paid off.

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New year – New challenges

Happy 2019 everyone, let’s wish and work for a great year for all of us! Winter is my favorite season! Temps here are not too bad -enough where you can wear puffy jackets if you want; surf is up -my favorite waves light up; weather is great for training; there’s rain -this year has been a great one, everything is green and water is gushing on creeks & falls! My snowboard journey has started, it is a moving process. All the [...]

New Bike

The past year and a half has been challenging. I didn’t get to race at all really due to recovering from a bike accident and a car accident, which both involved vehicles. I’ve been training nonstop in the gym and getting my equipment ready for the new race season. I finally got a handcycle I can call my own and I can’t wait to finally race in it. It’s been through many adjustments and probably needs a few more [...]

2018 – Busiest year of my life in review

Hey guys! What a year… incredible ups, but also strong downs. I’m thankful for all places I’ve been, raced, worked & enjoyed. Think about a year pretty much living out of your suitcase. Still, I had time for my wife, since (most of) my trips were quick strike missions. There were race trips; convention work trips and a lot of overnight Irvine trips (working with Freedom Innovations, testing a state of the art knee they’re developing). Talking about racing, the witches were [...]

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Swimmer’s Blog

Kudos to Pedro, Cotie, Christina and the Loma Linda University Administration for the beautiful and inspirational Celebration Dinner. And Happy 18th Birthday to PossAbilities – over 6900 members and growing. How blessed we all are for the incredible accomplishments of your organization. Thank you.

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Training sesh to starts the season strong

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Swimmer’s Blog

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet (well maybe hail) keeps me from swim practice – yes, in an outdoor pool. 😊 Dedication to be my best.👍

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