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Racing during a pandemic

With all live events canceled I have been using Zwift a racing video game that is connected to the Internet Zwift can be used for either real competitive racing, your own personal training, or just for fun. Connected to a smart trainer and with correct parameters such as weight and properly calibrated it can simulate actual racing and riding. Thousands of cyclists around the world mostly non disabled are online at any given time. I use Zwift to race...

Game changer:

Greetings friends, Andre here again, sharing awesome news:)) It’s quite safe now to announce that Karina and I are expecting another baby!! Stella is going to be a big sister!! It’s about to get really busy again, all that fun baby stuff that a lot of you know about... We decided we won’t find out the sex until birth. Never thought I would be ok with this but I’m extremely peaceful with it. All that we care is that baby is...

Beach Ride

Training days include good beach ride logging in 45 miles building endurance and strength ready for triathlon season to come back.

PossAbilities MAKES it possible

Hey hey, hope everyone is keeping it together, one day at a time. I would like to take a moment to appreciate Team PossAbilities. I do always appreciate them and also count my blessings. How lucky am I or are us to have them in our lives?! In changing sports, due to the circumstances I was sort of heading into the unknown. Of course I did my homework and had been studying the possibilities if I were to do it....

Night Riding

With the summer in full swing it is nice to catch that evening cooldown and take a late ride to watch that sunset while making those gainz. Today I rode upper Santa Ana River Trail bike path and finished with a nice Mt. Rubidoux climb on my handcycle  one of my favorites.

Garage workouts and bike rides

With the gyms closed we need to get creative, training indoors and using what we have adapting is the way to continue to stay in shape.  I am used to having the use of a full commercial gym. But with the current situation I continue to adapt and train in my home gym, garage, back yard or outdoors to try to keep it fresh. I continue to train 6 days a week bike and strength and conditioning.

Burton is on board!

Howdy! Exciting news to share with everyone; I connected with Burton a couple months ago, which is very best brand of Snowboarding —as a matter of fact, Jake Burton (founder) invented the sport! Knowing that he was very fond of disabled sports, I sent him a personal message on Instagram. Unbeknownst to me, on that same month he also passed away because of cancer:( As luck would have it, a good friend of mine grew up with the now Vice President of...

Family Training

Train hard love your wife and kids harder share what you love doing with your family and build those memories that will forever live. Me and my mini me

COVID-19 & Rankings

Hello to all of you guys that care to come and check on us:) Covid is getting more serious by the day, and it affects people differently. I’m hoping everyone stays healthy and safe but also know that any of us could get it, if we didn’t get it yet... The pandemic actually helped my position in the Para snowboard rankings. My racing plan, that I was advised with help from the Brazilian Snow sports federation, was to race in Canada...

PossAbilities Para Cycling Group Ride

Had a solid 38 mile ride with fellow paracyclists today. During this time of staying at home as much as possible due to Covid-19 and doing mostly indoor training on my rollers it was nice to get out and ride and enjoy the sun.