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Traveling by Plane to Races in a Wheelchair

Traveling by plane to bike races in a wheelchair is definitely not an easy task in itself. Throw a 90 pound bike box in the mix and it’s almost impossible to do by myself. I did say almost. I have learned tricks throughout my travels as a Team PossAbilities athlete to get by without help. These tricks are not easy, nor are they fun but I will do what I have to do to get to race. The first [...]

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Valley Of The Sun Stage Race 2019

Valley of The Sun 2019 stage race results. I earned 3rd place over all in H-3 category, it was and honor and really fun racing with Team USA members, PVA Racing, and everyone else who showed up. Always a great time racing with friends and fellow athletes who are awesome. Team PossAbilities represented well. We started out strong in Stage 1 the Individual Time Trial. I earned 3rd  place against Ryan Pinney who earned 1st. and Brandon Lyons who earned 2nd. Teammate Brett Richards put in a [...]

Tavian Bryant – 1st Race of the Season -Valley of the Sun Stage Race

For the third straight year I kicked off the race season with the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. The race takes place in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. Leading up to the race I spent time setting goals and thinking about the strategies that would help me perform at a higher level than I did the year before. Last year the conditions were ideal for the entire weekend, which was great. This year we had some wind and [...]

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Educational Fair Las Vegas

Gidday folks! As I’m returning from a working trip I was thinking how grateful and lucky I am. Freedom Innovations had me as their patient model in Vegas for an Educational Fair put on by Hanger Prosthetics. It’s a beautiful event that brings industry, clinicians, prosthetists and patients from all over the country. There’s workshops, classes and very inspirational speeches and shows. I have been using Freedom equipment for over 5 years, helping with testing and feedback. Doesn’t take me long to [...]

Category: Andre BarbieriComments: 0Post Date: February 22, 2019

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Tavian Bryant

I always look forward to this time of the year. Off season training is coming to an end, and the season is just a few weeks away. My first race of the season will be the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. The race will consist of three stages: time trial, road race, and a criterium. I’ve spent the last couple weeks analyzing data from last years race and setting new goals for [...]

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Looking forward to continued success in 2019

Grateful and honored to have been selected again to be part of Loma Linda University Team PossAbilites as a sponsored athlete. This will be my second year with the team as handcyclist in H-3 category. I had a great 2018 racing season thanks to the support from Team PossAbilites. I would like to give special thanks to Cotie Williams, Pedro Payne, Maria Garcia and my cycling coach Rick Babington. Looking forward to another great year with the team and [...]

Season Beginnings End

The start of a new season is always exciting. For me it’s the thrill of getting back to racing in a group of cyclists within inches of one another. This is what I enjoy the most about racing. At the start of a new season that excitement begins to brew and with that excitement for many including me comes a bit of anxiety. Going into a new season is a little daunting from certain aspects. Cyclists need to work [...]

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Paddlers Blog-2019 Racing

Great start to the new year. 1st place award in my division. A really windy day in San Diego, but my training paid off.

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New year – New challenges

Happy 2019 everyone, let’s wish and work for a great year for all of us! Winter is my favorite season! Temps here are not too bad -enough where you can wear puffy jackets if you want; surf is up -my favorite waves light up; weather is great for training; there’s rain -this year has been a great one, everything is green and water is gushing on creeks & falls! My snowboard journey has started, it is a moving process. All the [...]