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Baby Stella is here!!!

Greetings! Words can’t describe the happiness that filled our hearts with the arrival of Stella Barbieri. She came right on the due date, can you believe that?! Everything went well, although there were some nerve wrecking moments during labor, and leading up to it was long and painful. But that’s how it is, right Mothers? Congrats to all of you that endure this, it’s quite a feat. We men salute you! My days are spent now helping mom, drooling over the baby, [...]

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Blown prosthetic knee

Hi! We always have something to complain right?! If not one thing it’s another; or it’s too hot or too cold or or or… Turns out on my last race (in Italy) I had a blown hydraulic chamber on my running knee. That’s why if you look on the picture the prosthesis is too far flexed. My prosthetist tried fixing it and then found out the problem. Of course the knee is out of warranty… On one hand, I have the best [...]

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Europe Dreaming

Dear friends, I’m here today to write about my 2 weeks of training in Portugal and racing in Italy. I met Brazil National Paralympic Team for a camp in Portugal, which consisted of eat-train-sleep-repeat. It was quite epic: Country side, beautiful roads to ride, amazing temperatures. These were intense days of swim-bike-run-gym in a state of the art facility that attracts teams of different sports & nationalities. We then flew to Milano and drove to an idyllic place called Lago d’Iseo. Stuff [...]

2018 Hoka One One State Street Mile

Folks, it is with great pride I announce my personal record at this year’s State Street Mile: 6minutes 2 seconds! I owe a lot to my new socket & prosthetist, they made it possible. This is exciting! Hopefully my time on races will improve as well!

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World Paratriathlon Series Japan 2018

Konichiwa! May saw me flying to the land of the rising sun –Japan, more specifically the city of Yokohama, about 20min from Tokyo. I was extra excited to have my brother with me there, he’s never seen me racing at that level, and he was super happy. I’m really grateful he was with me on this trip. Also had my good friends Trevor & Geovana from Santa Barbara. Good support team! Great race, super high level with 6 Paralympians in the lineup. [...]

16th Annual PossAbilities Triathlon

  Always with great pleasure I come down to participate in the PossAbilities Tri. The more I do them the more I appreciate how much work goes in it, specially behind the scenes… Thank you Cotie. Thank you Pedro. Thank you Christina. Thank you Patrick and everyone that donated time or whatever to it. Thank you Shawn for hosting us this weekend. Bless your hearts. The race itself went great, cooler weather made it perfect to not overheat! I almost missed [...]

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2018 CAMTRI American Cup of Triathlon / Sarasota, FL

Hello hello, I just raced the PanAmerican and it was a VERY eventful one. First of all, they changed te date on the PanAm and that was not cool: we got a 6weeks notice –from originally going be hold in Brazil (in June) it changed to US (in March!). Timing on my training schedule was not ideal, but this was all political, what can we do? -Well, on my part I can only do my best, and honestly, I’m grateful I [...]

2018: year of the new bike (s)!

Hey guys, I’d like to introduce you to the new addition to my training/racing paraphernalia: the “Black Beauty”! Make & model: Trek SLR 8 Disc, and it was 100% sponsored by Team PossAbilities. I am super thankful and it was time for an upgrade. That bike is obscenely light, so on my climbing training days it makes my life easier; and also descending: After climbing a steep hill, the downhill is fast and you gotta be super focused on turns [...]

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2018: The worst winter ever!

Good day friends, They say you take the good with the bad, but this time it was very bad! This post is all about complaining. First off, we had a series of fires that ravaged California, including the worst fire in CA history. “Thomas Fire” burned for almost a month and it was about 70miles wide. I had to evacuate and it really sucked to be outside, not able to breath fresh air, raining ashes everywhere, it was a mess. I [...]

Family is growing:)

Hello and happy new year my PossAbilities friends! I’m stopping by to announce that our family is getting a “plus one”! Baby Stella is on her way, we found out a couple months ago and it’s now safe to share. We are super excited and feel ready for this adventure. Honestly, I’ll never feel ready to have a baby, but we’re not getting any younger and the time is now, while we still have a lot of energy. Wish me luck because [...]

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